Gime closeup


In the OVA, Lee is known as Gime and his portrayal differs in several aspects from the manga. His appearance is different, and he acted alone when he went after Yugo's brother. Lee is more of a rival of Gally's and uses a pair of swords with retractable blades instead of the White Hot Palm. (Link)

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Gime (OVA counterpart of Clive lee)

Origin: Battle Angel Alita

Gender: Male

Age: Has not been hinted in the OVA

Classification: Cyborg

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics Is skillful in use of his pair of swords, Immortality (Type 1)

Attack Potency: Building level

Speed: Supersonic+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Small Building Class

Durability: Building level

Stamina: Very high

Range: Several meters

Standard Equipment: His 2 swords with retractable blades

Intelligence: Unknown, is a skillful fighter

Weaknesses: None notable


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