The solar rays it absorbs are processed in its energy core and fired as a ball of light.
~ Pokedex: Pokemon X & Omega Ruby
Compressing the energy from its internal core lets it fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain.
~ Pokedex: Pokemon Y & Alpha Sapphire


Gigalith (Japanese: ギガイアス, Gigaiath) is a Rock-type Pokémon. It evolves from Boldore when traded. It is the final form of Roggenrola. Gigalith is a blue quadruped Pokémon, with various spiny, crystal-like red features jutting out of its body. Its limbs have gray joints and are topped with red crystalline features, with the two claws on each limb being similar features. It has a red eye inside each ear. Several of the crystalline features are present on its face; three below its eyes, one in the middle resembling a crest, and other crystals to the sides of its head. It compresses energy in the core inside its body that is enough to blow away mountains. It can also store sunlight in its orange crystals and shoot powerful energy from its mouth. It lives in caves and tunnels deep underground.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C

Name: Gigalith

Origin: Pokémon (Pokémon Black and White)

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Varies

Classification: Rock-type, Compressed Pokémon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Earth Manipulation, Limited Weather Manipulation, Can absorb solar energy and fire the reserves off as a beam of energy, Statistics Amplification, Self-Destruction

Attack Potency: Island level (Comparable to Fully Evolved Pokemon such as Alakazam)

Speed: At least Sub-Relativistic (Pokémon of this caliber can dodge Fling, which should be faster than Seismic Toss, as it doesn't require going against gravity or throwing heavy, unwilling, beings)

Lifting Strength: Class 100

Striking Strength: Island Class

Durability: Island level

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range, tens of kilometers with most attacks (Can blow away mountains)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: The intelligence of the Gigalith species is high enough to understand basic human commands. The utility of techniques such as "Sand-Attack", "Mud-Slap" and "Stealth Rock" demonstrate a level of cunning and improvised craft on the battlefield, using tactics to explicitly handicap the foe to maximize success.

Weaknesses: Weak against Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass-type attacks.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Sturdy: Gigalith's primary special ability. Gigalith with this particular ability have even higher compositional durability than other members of the species that lack this attribute, and they cannot be knocked out with a single hit.
  • Sand Force: Gigalith's hidden (secondary) special ability. The few Gigalith specimens that develop this trait are able to augment the offensive power of their geokinesis while under sandstorm conditions.
  • Tackle: Gigalith performs a full-body tackle.
  • Harden: Gigalith stiffens its body structure to augment its physical defenses.
  • Sand-Attack: Gigalith launches sand at the opponent's face, with the purpose of blinding the enemy and reducing their accuracy.
  • Headbutt: Gigalith executes a headbutt.
  • Rock Blast: Gigalith launches multiple large boulders individually in quick succession.
  • Mud-Slap: Gigalith hurls mud at the opponent's face, with the purpose of blinding the enemy, as well as inflicting damage.
  • Iron Defense: Gigalith reinforces or alters its skin to a metallic-like composition, radically augmenting its physical defenses.
  • Smack Down: Gigalith fires a large boulder at an airborne opponent, usually with enough force to send them crashing into the ground.
  • Power Gem: The energy core inside Gigalith absorbs energy from sunlight, then magnifies the intensity of the energy before firing a massive beam of sparkling light from its mouth. Capable of wiping out entire mountains at full power.
  • Rock Slide: Gigalith launches an avalanche of rocks, stones and boulders at multiple targets on the battlefield.
  • Stealth Rock: Gigalith carefully sets up a layer of levitating and sharpened stones around the opponent's "area" of the battlefield, crippling the health of incoming and unsuspecting allies for the opponent.
  • Sandstorm: Gigalith is capable of conjuring up a particularly violent sandstorm to the battlefield. Only beings composed of rock, metal or skin equivalent to the aforementioned materials in toughness are immune to the velocity and penetrative force of this type of sandstorm.
  • Stone Edge: Gigalith stabs the opponent with a large, sharpened rock.
  • Explosion: Gigalith unleashes the sum of its energy reserves in a single omnidirectional burst of power. Typically results in the user falling unconscious after usage.

Note: Only techniques that Gigalith can naturally learn will be listed in this profile. No TMs, HMs, Egg Moves or Tutor Moves will be listed.


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