Powers and Stats

Tier 9-C to 9-B | 9-C | 9-C

Name: Ghouls

Origin: Fallout

Gender: Varies

Age: Varies

Classification: Mutant, Humans exposed to an overabundance of radiation

Powers and Abilities: Lengthened life-spans (can live for over a hundred years), some Ghouls tend to be skilled marksman and trained veteran soldiers, immunity to radiation | Below Human Physical Characteristics, Below Average Intelligence | Can generate mini-nuclear explosions, can absorb radiation.

Attack Potency: Street Level physically, Wall level with conventional weaponry | Street level | Street level

Speed: Varies on the type of ghoul (Though trained veteran Ghouls are Athletic Human at best) | Normal Human | Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Regular Human (Ghouls have deteriorated bones) | Below average | Below average

Striking Strength: Class H | Class BH | Class BH

Durability: Street level | Street level | Street level

Stamina: Average | Below Average (Deteriorated internal organs due to an overexposure of radiation) | Below Average

Range: Average Melee Range, hundreds of meters with firearms | Average Melee Range | Average Melee Range, a few meters with nuclear explosions

Standard Equipment: Most sane Ghouls tend to carry around assault rifles and plasma rifles. | Nothing Notable | Nothing Notable

Intelligence: Average | Below Average (Overexposure of radiation has damaged their brain and have lost all sense of reason and intelligence) | Below Average

Weaknesses: Overexposure of radiation will turn a Ghoul into a feral Ghoul. | Has lost all sense of intelligence and reason. | Same as before.

Key: Normal Ghoul | Feral Ghoul | Glowing One



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