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Getter Emperor (ゲッターエンペラー Gettā Enperā) is a mysterious, enormous being that is implied to be the final evolution of the Getter. It constantly devours space-time and matter on a universal scale in a display of god-like power. It is neither a malevolent nor a benevolent force, but its presence remains a significant plot point in the entire Getter Robo metaverse.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C

Name: Getter Emperor

Origin: Getter Robo

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Final Evolution of the Getter from the Future

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Omniscience, Energy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Regeneration (High), Reactive Evolution, Gravity Manipulation, Can absorb additional matter and space-time to increase its size, Information Manipulation

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Is a threat to all life in the universe and devours space-time itself to continue its growth, Casually produces energy bursts that match or exceed the power of the Big Bang, Has absolute control over Getter Rays, which govern the course of life, space-time, and evolution across the Getter Robo universe, Can create universes as programs)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Getter Emperor is larger than a galaxy and its Getter Beam reaches its maximum range of 400 Million Light Years in an instant)

Lifting Strength: At least Galactic Class on the basis of its sheer size

Striking Strength: Universal+ (Casually destroys the fabric of space-time and destabilizes it simply by making a fist)

Durability: Universe level+ (Is implied to be able to survive the collapse of the universe, Effortlessly handles a limitless amount of Getter Rays, which are implied to dictate the course of space-time)

Stamina: Limitless (As a Robot, it cannot fatigue, and it handles a limitless amount of energy in the form of Getter Rays)

Range: At least several million light years due to its sheer size, Several hundred million light years with energy projection, Universal with Space-Time Manipulation

Standard Equipment: Its component units

Intelligence: Implied to be Nigh-Omniscient (Getter Rays govern space-time, life, evolution, and the fundamental laws of the universe, and the Getter Emperor has absolute control over them)

Weaknesses: Is focused primarily on self-preservation and increasing its own size, so it may not even notice a target until they attack.



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