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General Rilldo (リルド将軍) is a Machine Mutant antagonist in the anime Dragon Ball GT. He is Dr. Myuu's general, as well as the commander of planet M-2.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-A | 4-A | 4-A

Name: General Rilldo 

Origin: Dragon Ball GT

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Machine Mutant (Fully mechanical beings with organic properties)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Martial Arts, True FlightKi Manipulation, Body Manipulation and Malleability, Metal Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Mid), Possibly Portal Creation (Any character stronger than Buu Saga top tiers can perform the Vice Shout with sheer power), Transformation, Assimilation (Rildo's transformation into Hyper Meta Rildo is triggered by absorbing the remains of the Sigma Force), Forcefield (As Hyper Meta Rildo)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level (Goku remarked that Rilldo was even stronger than the anime version of Buu, who destroyed a galaxy over an extended period of time) | Multi-Solar System level (Somewhat comparable to Super Saiyan Goku) | Multi-Solar System level (Fought evenly with Super Saiyan Goku, and eventually defeated him by encasing him in metal)

Speed: Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class | Multi-Solar System Class | Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System level | Multi-Solar System level | Multi-Solar System level, his ability to regenerate by absorbing metal makes him very difficult to kill

Stamina: Very high; did not tire during his fight with Goku. Considering his ability to rejuvenate himself with metal and the fact that he is a mechanical being, it may be limitless.

Range: Standard melee range. Interstellar with ki blasts and attacks. His ability to manipulate metal has at least Planetary range.

Standard Equipment: None | Remains of the Sigma Force | Any metal materials or minerals in the vicinity

Intelligence: Combat savvy, unknown otherwise

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Flight: The ability to levitate and fly through his cyber powers.
  • Ki Blast: The most basic form of energy wave. Rilldo used it to kill Dolltaki.
  • Blaster: Hyper-Meta Rilldo is able to fire a pink blast from a cannon in his arm.
  • Deadly Crush:  A heavy punch used against Gohan, only for him to dodge at the last second.
  • Deadly Metal Needles: Meta-Rilldo's special technique, where he fires tiny pink lasers powerful enough to cut through metal
  • Shooting Knuckle:  A technique where General Rilldo launches one of his arms at his opponent in the form of a rocket. Used while fighting Gohan on Earth.
  • Super Explosive Wave:  A powerful Explosive Wave technique. Rilldo uses this during his battle against Goku.
  • Absorption:  Rilldo can absorb the remains of Super Mega Cannon Sigma to take on his Hyper-Meta Rilldo form.
  • Metal Mending: Rilldo is capable of absorbing metal into himself to regenerate.
  • Energy Shield: Used by Hyper-Meta Rilldo to deflect Goku's energy barrage.
  • Hyper Meta-Rilldo Punch: After calling the name of the attack, Rilldo's left hand changes into a drill that expands as it moves forward, tearing everything apart that it hits. Goku was still able to stop it by grabbing the tip of the drill and gripping it until it stopped.
  • Liquefaction: The ability to liquefy and go through metal.
  • Metal Breath: In all of his forms, Rilldo has the ability to turn anything into metal by firing a green beam out of his mouth.
  • Metal Manipulation: In his final form, Rilldo is able to control metal on planet M-2, and possibly on other metal having planets, at will.

Key: Base | Hyper Meta Rilldo | Meta-Rilldo

Note: The statistics of Dragon Ball GT/Movie characters are clearly part of a separate continuity, and as such tend to differ greatly from the current canon.


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