You can wax on, wax off all you like. I'm still kicking your ass.


Gene is a twenty-three year old, dusty rambler who has obtained one and later both of the Godhands.

A simple and somewhat poor 'have fists, will travel' street walker with a keen sense of justice and a kind nature, although he often appears to be somewhat outspoken and a constant complainer. After losing his right arm saving a young girl named Olivia, he wakes up in a strange hotel room with one of the fabled Godhands stuck to his arm, as well as a number of demons on his tail.

Gene serves as the playable character and the game's main protagonist.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | High 8-C

Name: Gene

Origin: God Hand

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, expert in Kung-Fu and wrestling, very good at making people get angry, can launch energy beams

Attack Potency: Building level with the God Hand (Can easily kill monster of the size of small buildings and even kick them over the horizon) | Large Building level with the God Hand and the Devil Hand (killed Angra who is around the size of a skyscraper)

Speed: Subsonic, likely Hypersonic (Can kick so hard that can send people over the horizon at hypersonic speeds)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least Building Class (Can kick people over the horizon)

Durability: Building level | Large Building level

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Melee range; further with energy blasts

Standard Equipment: The God Hand and the Devil Hand

Intelligence: He's not very smart (the scene where he loses his arm is proof enough of that fact), although he is a very skilled combatant who's capable of using objects in the environment to his advantage.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ball Buster: Gene swings around and kicks the enemy directly in their genitals. This will cause the enemy to grab their private areas and allow Gene to get in some extra hits while the enemy staggers. The first hit will knock the enemy out of his dizzy state during this particular stun. It should be well noted that this does not work on female enemies, or people with no male genitals.
  • Chain Yanker: Gene's God Hand sucks the nearest enemy toward him from whatever distance they were at and Gene punches the enemy to stun them.
  • Daisy Cutter: Gene dashes straight through the enemies sending them up into the air while rolling.
  • Discombobulator: Gene jumps into the air and delivers several kicks in a row ending the sequence with a powerful kick to the head of his opponent.
  • Divine Smash: Gene stands still while charging then bursts forward and rams the enemy.
  • Face Runner: Gene jumps upward and kicks the opponent with several kicks on his way up then performs a flying roundhouse kick when he hits the ground.
  • God Charge: Gene leans back and charges then surrounds himself with energy as he yells.
  • God Stomp: Gene hits the enemy with an overhead kick and then stomps their face into the earth.
  • Head Slicer: Gene charges his hand with energy as he turns and launches an energy wave toward his opponent's head.
  • Kung Fu Samba: Gene jumps into the air and kicks his opponent with both feet, performs a cartwheel kick as his opponent floats in the air, then ends the combination with a well-placed straight punch.
  • Kung Fu Tango: Gene swings his God Hand around in a circle, attacking with each swing, as he steps toward the enemy then lets loose a powerful punch.
  • La Bomba: Gene charges his god hand then punches the ground, creating a shockwave-like explosion that sends the enemy into the air. Gene can juggle the enemy while they fall directly after this move.
  • One Inch Punch: Gene charges his hand with energy and holds his palm down toward his opponent's chest. As he closes his palm into a fist, his enemy flies back with incredible force.
  • Shockwave: Gene charges his god hand then swipes the air in front of him creating a wave of energy that hits the enemy from a distance.
  • Typhoon Kick: Gene jumps into the air and performs a super hurricane kick.
  • 100 Fists: Gene hits his opponent with rapid punches then steps forward and uppercuts the opponent into the air with his charged God Hand.
  • Crescent Kick: Gene jumps into the air and kicks the enemy with some powerful flying kicks then ends the combination with an extremely powerful kick.
  • Dragon Kick: Gene charges a kick and kicks the enemy high into the sky. If the enemy is weak enough, they will not come back down.
  • Home Run God: Gene forms an energy bat in his God Hand then hits the nearest enemy with a Home Run swing.
  • Spirit of God: This is a more powerful version of the God Charge. Gene will boost his TP by 40% this time.
  • Wild Pitch: Gene readies a baseball as he throws it towards an enemy from a distance with an incredible amount of force.
  • Zen Revival: Gene floats into the air and meditates in a yoga stance that causes him to heal his body by 30%.
  • Double Shaolin: Gene shoots two energy hands toward his foe.
  • Shaolin Blast: Gene charges all of his power into his God Hand and unleashes an energy hand that heads straight toward his nearest foe.
  • Enlightenment: This is a more powerful version of the Zen Revival roulette attack.

Key: Normal | with the God Hand and the Devil Hand



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