Gaomon is a Beast Digimon. It is thought to be a subspecies of the Gazimon-species that grew pointed claws. With its keen movements, it specializes in "Hit and Away" attacks. The gloves on its hands appear to protect its claws until they are fully grown.

Wanyamon b
A Digimon fused from the data of small, pet animals like dogs and cats. Because its unexpected movements are also quick, caution is necessary so that it doesn't get away, but it becomes very emotionally attached if shown affection like a pet.

Gaogamon dmo
Gaomon's physique has gotten larger, as a Beast Digimon whose steadily growing claws are protected by gloves. Although it is a quadruped, with its tenacious leg strength it can also stand up to attack like a bear.

A Cyborg Digimon that carries rocket engines with enormous propulsive power on its back. Although its flight duration is limited, it momentarily exploits its maximum thrust, and is most skilled in "Hit and Away".

Miragegaogamon re
A Beast Knight Digimon whose whole body is clad in Chrome Digizoid armor. As a result of moving at incomparable speeds, the opponent is deceived when it witnesses it as a phenomenon similar to a mirage.

Miragegaogamon burst
A Mirage Gaogamon that has temporarily reached the limits of its abilities through Burst Evolution, it is a unique form which wears a weapon and an aura of planetary-class high-energy.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | At least High 6-C | At least High 4-C | 3-C | At least 3-C

Name: Gaomon | Gaogamon | MachGaogamon | MirageGaogamon | MirageGaogamon Burst Mode

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Child Class Data Attribute Beast Digimon | Adult Class Data Attribute Beast Digimon | Perfect Class Data Attribute Cyborg Digimon | Ultimate Class Data Attribute Beast Knight Digimon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Air Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Sound Manipulation, Self Information Manipulation and Reactive Evolution via Overwrite | All previous abilities amplified, Ice Manipulation | All previous abilities amplified, Electricity Manipulation, Flight | Light Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Energy Manipulation | Healing, Can lower an opponents Attack Potency, All previous abilities amplified.

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Equal to other Rookie Digimon) | At least Large Island level (Rivals that of other Adult Class Digimon) | At least Large Star level (Equal to the likes of other Perfect Class Digimon) | Galaxy level (Via scaling to other Ultimate Class Digimon) | At least Galaxy level (Stronger than before)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to other Rookie Digimon) | Relativistic (Faster than Geogreymon. Should be one of the faster Champion Digimon) | Relativistic+ with FTL reactions (One of the fastest Ultimate levels. Should scale to Rapidmon) | FTL (One of the fastest Mega Digimon)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Building Class | At least Large Island Class | At least Large Star Class | Galactic Class | At least Galactic Class

Durability: Large Building level | At least Large Island level | At least Large Star level | Galaxy level | At least Galaxy level

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Boxing Gloves | Gauntlets | Claws | Mace-like weapon

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Overwrite: All Digimon can rewrite their data, so that they are able to react to various situations that were once problematic for it. This usually causes a gigantic increase in power and sometimes new skills and resistances are gained. However, the more emotional the Digimon is, the more violent the overwrite becomes.


  • Rolling Upper: Exploits its tenacious leg strength and rolls into the opponent's chest.
  • Double Backhand: Unleashes a strike while spinning.
  • Gao Rush: Moves nimbly to unleash a high-speed barrage of punches.
  • Wild Echo: Attacks with the blast of a war cry.
  • Wild Bark: Attacks with the blast of a war cry.
  • Wild Howling: Attacks with the blast of a war cry.


  • Dash Double Claw: Approaches the opponent at a speed it can't see, then fires off an X-shaped wave by slashing its claws.
  • Gaoga Hound: Bites the opponent with its strong teeth and never lets go until they collapse.
  • Spiral Blow: Releases a powerful vortex of wind from its mouth in one breath.


  • Gaoga Tornade: Circles the opponent with maximum thrust and unleashes an extremely high-speed barrage.
  • Winning Knuckle: Attacks with a blow of its fist boasting supreme impact strength.
  • Howling Cannon: Releases ultrasonic waves with a single howl.


  • Double Crescent Mirage: Fires crescent moon-shaped shock-waves from its hands.
  • Full Moon Blaster: Concentrates its body's energy, then fires it from the mouth on its chest as a superdreadnought-class strike.
  • Gale Claw: Runs through like a hurricane, instantly cutting the opponent to pieces.
  • Howling Cannon: Attacks with a howling, supersonic wave.
  • Quick Move: Attacks quickly.
  • Sonic Move: Attacks even quicker.

MirageGaogamon BM

  • Meteor Shackle: Strikes the opponent with a sphere of light containing planetary-class energy.
  • Final Mirage Burst: Puts its body and soul into releasing the energy hidden within its weapon.
  • Luna Hook Slasher: Carves the opponent to pieces with its crescent moon-shaped energy blade.

Key: Gaomon | Gaogamon | MachGaogamon | MirageGaogamonMirageGaogamon BM


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