Sober gamzee

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | Unknown. Likely at least 7-A | At least 5-C, likely 5-B

Name: Gamzee Makara, the Bard of Rage, terminallyCapricious (screen name), the clown guy, HONK FRIEND

Origin: Homestuck

Gender: Male

Age: 6 solar sweeps when first introduced (approximately 13 earth years), currently 7.4 solar sweeps (approximately 16 earth years)

Classification: Troll, Highblood, Sgrub player, Bard of Rage, Whatever the hell you call a space Juggalo, Horrifying murder clown, Priest of the Mirthful Messiahs, RPG shopkeeper

Powers and Abilities: None notable | Superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Fear Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Dream Manipulation (Can induce nightmares and manipulate the dreams of others, creating a clown doll in John's, directly leading to the creation of Bec Noir), Resistance to pain (was repeatedly shot and beaten with a crowbar and showed no signs that he felt any pain), Rage Power (As a rage player he should get stronger the angrier he gets), Time Travel with Aradia's Timetable, Immortality (Type 4; he cannot be killed due to a paradox, as he must be alive to fuse with Caliborn to create Lord English), Longevity (All trolls with green blood or above in the Hemospectrum live more than 100 years.), Resistance to Psychic Attack (All mid and high blood can resist Gl'bgolyb's voice as long as it is not raised to the level of scream.) | Should be the same as before just to far greater extents

Attack Potency: Unknown | Unknown. Likely at least Mountain level (Choked Equius to death with a bowstring. While Equius put up little resistance, it has been pointed out that the force it would require to overpower his neck muscles and strangle him is still absurdly high. Broke Nepeta's wrist in a single motion before killing her with his clubs. Gamzee is the descendant of the Grand Highblood, who is said to be the strongest troll to ever live, in terms of physical strength.) | At least Moon level, likely Planet level (Karkat states that in their fight with the Black King, Gamzee's Rage powers surfaced and he did more damage to the King in a few strikes than any of the other 11 trolls did in the whole battle, save for possibly Vriska this would include doing more damage than Sollux and Aradia Both of which have attack potency on this level.)

Speed: UnknownMassively FTL+ (Despite Gamzee being in the room and constantly moving around, Karkat was completely oblivious to his presence.) | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown  | higher

Striking Strength: Unknown | Unknown | At least Moon Class, possibly Planet Class (Implied to have done his damage to the King with nothing but physical strikes)

Durability: Unknown | Unknown (Survived falling at the very least hundreds of meters down onto solid ground with no sign of injury, Was shot through the chest by Caliborn a dozen hundred thousand million countless number of times and was perfectly fine. He was at one point chopped in half by Kanaya, but due to being supposedly unable to die by traditional means, it is unknown if this actually killed him. The universe this took place in was soon retconned by John, so it is hard to say for sure.) | Unknown. presumably at least Moon level, possibly Large Star level (Jack Noir's black hole didn't do him any damage)

Stamina: Unknown, as he never exerts himself | Immensely high | Possibly inexhaustible as long as he has enough rage

Range: Standard Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Fake God Tier outfit, "Magic potions" made from the blood of his friends, An asinine amount of Faygo, A pile of bicycle horns, Juggling Clubs, A unicycle, Sopor slime pie, Lil Cal

Intelligence: Nearly impossible to properly define

Weaknesses: Gamzee eats sopor slime pie to keep himself sedated. If he runs out, his instincts take over and his true nature breaks through. When this happens, he becomes a sadistic, murderous zealot who only offers his true loyalty to Lord English, and by extension, Caliborn.

Key: Sedated | Sober | Rage Mode



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