The crowning achievement of Kinetic Solutions Incorporated, the man-made drone code-named Galvatron was originally intended for use in the United States military, hunting down and dispatching any rogue Transformers that had evaded human capture. Reverse-engineered from the scavenged remains of Megatron, the drone adopted many of his features during its construction. In reality, however, Megatron's consciousness had survived his destruction, and bit by bit the Decepticon leader fed his captors the technical information they required. In time, KSI had unwittingly built him a brand new body ripe for the taking. Galvatron's lack of a true spark makes him almost invincible, as does his ability to split apart into a cloud of Transformium and avoid taking damage. With the fearsome mind of Megatron and this powerful new body, Galvatron conspires to turn KSI's technology against its creators, forging a new Decepticon army under his command.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Galvatron (reborn version of Megatron)

Origin: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Gender: None; referred to as male

Age: Megatron has existed over a thousand years. His reborn status as Galvatron was recently created.

Classification: Reverse Engineered Transformer, Megatron reborn

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Re-Engineered Cybertronian Weaponry, Transformation, Self-Molecular Manipulation (Can split apart and reform instantly), flight, Technopathy, Immunity to pain

Attack Potency: Large Building level ​(Fought Optimus Prime)

Speed: Superhuman; faster via molecular travel (Could quickly catch up to Optimus Prime in vehicle mode)

Lifting Strength: Likely Class 5 (Should lift objects relative to his mass and size)

Striking Strength: Large Building Class (Comparable to Optimus Prime)

Durability: Large Building level (Immunity to pain and regeneration make him difficult to kill)

Stamina: Superhuman

Standard Equipment: Standard cybertronian based weaponry

Intelligence: Was able to hack into KSI and take control of all the transformer drones

Weaknesses: Unknown (Does not have the weaknesses of a regular transformer)


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