Kind and innocent, Flonne is obsessed with love and justice. Originally sent to assassinate Overlord Laharl, Flonne's nature quickly proved her incapable of doing so, which eventually led to her joining Laharl's forces in hopes of softening his attitude.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 4-C, likely 4-B | Low 2-C

Name: Fallen Angel Flonne

Origin: Nipponverse

Gender: Female

Age: 1,518

Classification: Angel Trainee, Fallen Angel, Archangel

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled archer and staff wielder, Magic, Flight, Longevity, Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Electricity, and Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Toon Force, Summoning, Shapeshifting, Telekinesis, Can break the fourth wall, Creation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Time Manipulation, and hostile Reality Warping and Toon Force effects, Limited Empathy, Regeneration (Low-High), Can combine attacks with allies to dramatically amplify the power of the combined attack, Can hit intangible targets, Can survive the vacuum of space

Attack Potency: At least Large Star level, likely Solar System level (Shouldn't be much weaker than Etna or Laharl) | Universe level+ (Comparable to Etna and Laharl, far stronger than nameless soldiers who can recreate the Big Bang by punching.)

Speed: Massively FTL (Should be no slower than Etna and Laharl are at this point) | Massively FTL+ (On par with Etna and Laharl)

Lifting Strength: At least Class T+, likely Class Z as Pure Flonne | At least Pre-Stellar with Flonnezilla

Striking Strength: At least Large Star Class, likely Solar System Class | Universal+

Durability: At least Large Star level, likely Solar System level | Universe level+ (Comparable to Etna and Laharl, who can take the Big Bang at point blank.)

Stamina: Very High

Range: Varies from Standard melee range to Universal+

Standard Equipment: Her wand, staves, various bows and arrows, miscellaneous equipment

Intelligence: Above Average usually, with over a millenia of accumulated combat experience, angel training, and general wisdom. However, her intelligence can be inconsistent at times.

Weaknesses: She is very reluctant to kill, and is quite naive.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Poison Arrow: Shoots a magic-enhanced arrow. Can inflict Poison.
  • Dark Flash: Telekinetically holds enemies in place before firing a dark arrow that pierces through all enemies in a line. Can inflict Deprave.
  • Delta Split: Creates two doppelgangers that assist her in surrounding a single opponent, each firing an single, powerful, energy-enhanced arrow at them. Can inflict Sleep.
  • Sturmhimmel: Jumps into the sky, then unleashes a rain of titanic lightning bolts fired from the bow. Can inflict Paralysis.
  • Zielregen: From a distance, fire a rapid volley of arrows that rain down upon a targeted area, then explode. Can inflict Forget.
  • Doppelganger: Stops time, then creates 20 clones, and then fires 20 arrows that hit Just as time resumes.
  • Spiral Blast: Leaps above an enemy and fires a multitude of ice-elemental energy blasts from the bow, which converge upon an enemy.
  • Arrow Trap: Fires arrows around an enemy in a circle, causing the floor to give way to a cartoon-like bottomless pit. Can inflict forget.
  • Zip Shot: Fires an arrow past an enemy from a distance, causing it and an attached rope to embed themselves into distant terrain. She then rides the rope like a zip-line using the bow, kicking the targeted enemy and smashing them into the terrain.
  • Spear Surfing: Fires a giant ice energy-imbued arrow before jumping on top of it and riding around enemies, firing arrows at them from all sides, and concluding by crashing the giant arrow into them.
  • Lightning Flash: Fires a lightning-imbued arrow skyward that erratically ricochets about before descending upon its target.
  • Flaming Dragon: Fires an arrow that transforms into a dragon made of flames that chomps down upon the targeted area.
  • Galaxy Comet: Flies into distant space, then gathering energy into a single, powerful arrow that annihilates all planets in its path, and causes all stars it hits to go supernova.
  • Fire: Various fire spells that blast enemies with magical fire. Some of the strongest variants include the summoning of otherworldly entities to assist in doing so.
  • Wind: Various wind spells that blast enemies with magical wind. Some of the strongest variants include the summoning of otherworldly entities to assist in doing so.
  • Ice: Various ice spells that blast enemies with magical ice. Some of the strongest variants include the summoning of otherworldly entities to assist in doing so.
  • Star: Various star spells that blast enemies with magical otherworldly energy. Some of the strongest variants include the summoning of otherworldly entities to assist in doing so.
  • Heal: Various heal spells that restore the HP of affected units. Some of the strongest variants include the summoning of otherworldly entities to assist in doing so.
  • Power of Love: Heals and cures all ailments of surrounding units.
  • Holy Arrows: Rains down feather-like arrows at range.
  • Divine Ray: Unleashes a massive spread of divine lasers.
  • Flonnezilla: Changes reality and transforms herself into a Godzilla like being.
  • Dragon Meow: Calls forth a dark dragon to attack an enemy.
  • Tri-Dra Meow: Calls forth a dragon to attack an enemy with it's flame breath.
  • Love Knuckle!: Flonne charges her fist with love energy and strikes the opponent.
  • Great Flonzor X: Flonne summons her great robot to shoot its hand at her enemies, resulting in an explosion. She then flies away on top of the hand and poses like a tokusatsu anime heroine with the sign 'Great Flonzor X' beside her.

Key: Disgaea 1 Main Story | Full Power


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