785637-thousand mile flight mastema


Ability to perform independent movement in a gaseous atmosphere or vacuum. This movement can be carried out by the use of jet thrust propulsion, other similar means, or without any means at all (using inertia). In fiction, there are other possible ways of moving (by magic, telekinesis, etc.).


  • Pseudo-flight - A form of flight simulated by successive teleportation or jumps.
  • Restricted flight - A form of flight time-limited or restricted in the ability to maneuver freely (for example, levitation).
  • True flight - Ability of the character to move freely above the ground (gaseous medium or vacuum) for a long time.
  • Flying with the use of technical devices - Character uses wings, rocket engines, anti-gravity devices or something else that allows the user to move through air or another gaseous medium (or vacuum). Primary drawback is the dependence of flight on said device.
  • Flight due to other abilities - Character does not need any additional devices, and can move through air or another gaseous medium (or vacuum) due to the the user's natural abilities. It is possible to fly using magic, via telekinesis, gravity manipulation, manipulation of energy or even reality warping.


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