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Loyalty is what matters, and that exists now, not in the past. Loyalty has to be proved every day, in every piece of fresh-kill brought back for the Clan, every claw mark on our enemies, every patrol, every training session.
~ Firestar


Once a common housecat with a longing for adventure, Rusty abandoned his comfortable life to live in the wild with the wild cats known as Warriors. While not immediately gaining acceptance of his peers, he was ridiculed for his collar and viewed as a hindrance on the clan. This would change after he earned his respect in a fight with Longtail, leading to him being relinquished of his collar and by extension his old image, from then on being known as Firepaw, as his pelt resembled a brand of fire in the sunlight.

After years of being an asset to his clan, he would rise to the leader position and become known as Firestar, promising to protect and lead his clan on the right path to keeping peace within the forest.

He is commonly depicted to be lean, possessing short, ginger fur and emerald-green eyes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | Unknown

Name: Firestar / Fireheart / Firepaw, formerly known as Rusty

Origin: Warrior Cats

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old at his death

Classification: Clan Cat

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Agility, Precognition (Receives premonitions from StarClan in his sleep), Resurrection (Can resurrect himself up to nine times) | Intangibility, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Immortality (Type 7)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Managed to momentarily hold off and wound hunting dogs, but is still just a cat) | Unknown (Cats that abide by the warrior code to their death are said to ascend to Starclan where a new star is created in the sky, however, this is likely an outlier, as they never demonstrate a feat of a similar level afterwards)

Speed: Superhuman (A healthy, untrained house cat can run at speeds of 30mph) | Unknown (Traverses the Milky Way as a simple hunting ground)

Lifting Strength: Below Average (That of a house cat)

Striking Strength: Below Average Class (Should be capable of severely injuring larger animals with his claws) | Unknown

Durability: Below Average Human level (What you would expect from a cat) | Unknown, his incorporeal nature makes him hard to kill

Stamina: Very High (Incredibly energetic, managed to fight off several trained cats without tiring) | Limitless due to being a ghost

Range: Standard melee range.

Standard Equipment: His claws

Intelligence: High (Served as his clan's leader for multiple years, has extensive combat knowledge) | Very High (Upon ascending to Starclan, all cats learn of the history of their ancestors before them)

Weaknesses: His immortality only grants him nine lives, and extremely damaging wounds, such as being ripped open, aren't able to heal before he resurrects, causing him to die each time he resurrects until he's out of lives.

Key: Base | StarClan


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