Fianna Ray Ordesia


Fianna Ray Ordesia is a main character of the Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance series. She is an elementalist using the Holy Spirit Georgios and a member of « Team Scarlet ». She has a teasing and playful nature. As the one who knows Kamito's secret of being Ren Ashbell, she uses that to tease him a lot, however, she's very susceptible when she's the one being teased. She is also more naive than she appears. She’s also the most aggressive of the girls towards Kamito to get him to love her, and is the most openly perverted. As the current second princess of the Ordesia royal family, she was trained as a Queen candidate serving the Five Great Elemental Lords at Divine Ritual Institute. Four years prior to the start of the series, Queen Rubia Elstein, her senior, betrayed the Fire Elemental Lord, disappeared, and brought about great calamity to the empire. Fianna went to stop her but failed miserably. Her spirit whom she put perfect trust in was destroyed in a single blow from Rubia. Fianna's heart was etched with overwhelming fear causing her unable to use her contracted spirit again. She also stepped down from the Queen candidacy for this reason. After meeting Kamito and during the fight against professional assassin Jio Inzagi, she manages to summon her spirit again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Fianna Ray Ordesia, Lost Queen, Perverted Queen

Origin: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Classification: Human, Elementalist, Royalty, Student of the Areishia Spirit Academy, Ritual Maiden

Powers and Abilities: Healing, Spirit Contract, Holy Magic, Barriers, Defense Magic, Rapier user

Attack Potency: Building level

Speed: Supersonic reactions and combat speed, Unknown with added Divine Power

Lifting Strength: Regular Human, Unknown with added Divine Power

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Large Building level, possibly Small Town level with either Georgios or regular barriers active; Mountain level with her ultimate barrier.

Stamina: Regular Human (Physically), Very High (Magically), Extreme (Mentally)

  • She is able to cast magic continuously and stay concentrated for a very long time without tiring.
  • She also survived through undernourishment and torture for several days just through her strong will.

Range: Melee with rapier, Short-Medium with Georgios, Hundreds of meters radius with barriers

Standard Equipment: Save the Queen (her rapier), Spirit Stones, Blood Stones

Intelligence: Gifted (Acquired tremendous amount of knowledge on spirits and magic to become an Elemental Queen. She also has good knowledge on politics and diplomacy as she’s a candidate for future Queen of the Ordesia Empire.)

Weaknesses: She is not suited for actual battle, her strong points being defense and support.

Feats: Considerably weakened Jio Inzagi, a master assassin. Helped take down Velsaria Eva Fahrengart (strongest elementalist of the Areishia Spirit Academy). Her barriers have been destroyed by only 2 people thus far. Survived through undernourishment and torture for several days just through her strong will.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Kagura Rituals: Fianna has been trained since a very young age to perform special dancing rituals to serve the Elemental Lords and provide support in battle in many different ways:

  • Power Increase (Physical and Magic)
  • Defense Increase (Physical and Magic)
  • Magic Supply
  • Sealing
  • Body Dislocation
  • Calm / Enrage Spirits

Holy Magic

  • Healing
  • Darkness Resistance
  • Defensive Barriers (Durability: Around Multi-City Block level)
  • Stronghold level Barriers (Durability: Around Town level)
  • Element-weakening Barriers
  • Barrier-Break

Spirit Crystals: Special colorful stones in which are sealed spirits of varrying power for one-time use.

  • Spirit Summoning
  • Fire Explosion
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Blinding Light
  • Healing
  • Blood Stones: Very rare shiny blood-like red stones in the shape of a Magatama, or comma-shaped jewel. They contain very powerful spirits.
    • Magna Carta: Summons a holy spirit that can create huge pillars of light with a flash, causing very heavy damage. Particularly effective against dark-attribute enemies.
Blood Stone


  • Weapon Form (Save the Queen): A beautifully crafted rapier, but whose power doesn’t reside in combat.
    • Special Barrier (Durability: Possibly Mountain level)
    • "Territory": A top-class supportive magic cast over a large area.
      • Healing
      • Huge Power & Durability Supply (Strong enough to move and break through Gravity magic)
      • Darkness Immunity
  • Holy Knight Form (Georgios):
Fianna and Georgios

Key: Base Fianna


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