The White Fatalis; Ancestor of all dragons.


Fatalis is an Elder Dragon introduced in the original Monster Hunter resembling a traditional European dragon. One of the most powerful creatures in the entire Monster Hunter series, Fatalis is capable of annihilating entire hunting parties with relative ease with its devastating fire and energy attacks.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. At least Low 6-B, possibly 5-B

Name: Fatalis

Origin: Monster Hunter

Gender: Likely genderless

Age: Ancestral; The oldest being in the whole Monster Hunter series.

Classification: Elder Dragon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Able to call down lightning storms at will, Flight, After taking a certain amount of damage, Fatalis enters "armor mode" in which all but the most powerful physical attacks will bounce harmlessly off, Its lightning attacks, as well as being electrical, are imbued with Dragon Element, which will do more damage depending on how intelligent its target is.

Attack Potency: Unknown. At least Small Country level (Demolished the entire kingdom of Schrade in a very short time), possibly Planet level (Moved the moon to create an endless eclipse while remaining within Earth's atmosphere).

Speed: Relativistic (Can travel between the earth and moon in approximately seven seconds)

Lifting Strength: Unknown. At least Class 10 (Can have a castle gate fall on top of it and lift up said castle gate).

Striking Strength: Unknown, but could be assumed to be at least Mountain Class for individual attacks.

Durability: At least Small Building level (Can survive being impaled by a drill larger than itself multiple times, as well as surviving a castle gate portcullis weighing at least 100 tons falling on its neck multiple times), possibly Large Town level to City level in Armor Mode (Physical attacks from hunters will simply glance off, doing no effect whatsoever, takes very little damage from higher strength attacks, such as Dragonators, and can easily survive enormous explosions from very large bombs many times). Planet level in G-rank, possibly higher in Armor Mode (Can tank hits from the Hunters)

Stamina: Endless (Will not exhaust regardless of how long it is fought for or how many exhaust effect attacks are inflicted)

Range: Can summon meteors and lightning storms at will, so at least orbital.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Extremely High (Has a much higher weakness to Dragon Element, which directly attacks the mind, than an average hunter: Fatalis has -80% resistance, while an average Hunter has 0% resistance)

Weaknesses: The Dragon Element (see Intelligence).

Feats: Destroyed the entire kingdom of Schrade. Possesses an attack which instantly kills anything it hits. Possesses the impenetrable "Armor mode". Survived a heavy portcullis which would decapitate anything less powerful. Can summon Meteor Storms. Can summon Lightning Storms. Possesses a roar so loud nearby creatures must cover their ears.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Please note that Fatalis' physical attacks are not its true strength, its elemental/energy attacks are the main deciding factor.


  • Claw swipe: A fast claw swipe that is decently powerful, often imbues this with electrical power for additional effect.
  • Tail swipe: Fatalis uses its long tail for a huge AOE swipe, can destroy terrain.
  • Bite: A simple bite, nothing more, is quite powerful.


  • Fireball: A Powerful Fireball that Fatalis Breathes
  • Lightning Ball: A Powerful Lightning Breath attack
  • Meteor Storm: Fatalis Roars and calls down Meteorites
  • Ancestral Storm: Fatalis takes flight, and calls down a storm of extremely powerful lightning strikes that tend to home in on the Fatalis' target.
  • Heat Aura: Emits an extremely hot aura that can burn an unprotected human to death in under a second.
  • Mega Fire wave: More like a nuke than a wave; Fatalis obliterates the area directly in front of it. Takes a few seconds to charge up though.
  • Mega Thunder Ball: Fatalis' Ultimate attack; Short range (30 Metres Max), and takes a few seconds to charge, but is immensely powerful, will kill anything it hits instantly.

Note: Fatalis becomes stronger when facing a powerful opponent, proportional to the opponent's skill and strength. Also, when doing non-composite battles with simply Black, Crimson, or White Fatalis, know that the fire attacks are performed by black and crimson, the lightning attacks are performed by white, the meteors are only used by crimson, and black cannot use armor mode. For the purposes of debates, this article refers to all the variants of Fatalis, as they are all the same species.


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