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Far Cry is an open world first-person shooter series created by Ubisoft. Each game is set in a different location, often a fictional country based off a real world location (African Sahara, Pacific Islands, Himalayan mountains) and features a protagonist getting caught up in the local turmoil.


Far Car is a weak verse, with the characters being peak human at tops, and the weapons available not even being the highest technology in the world in most cases. Blood Dragon is a good bit stronger than the main series, featuring cyborgs with genetic enhancements.



Far Cry

Jack Carver


Far Cry 2

Warren Clyde

Quarbani Singh

Paul Ferenc

Xianyong Bai

Marty Alencar

Frank Bilders

Josip Idromeno

Hakim Echebbi 

Andre Hyppolite

The Jackal

Far Cry 3

Jason Brody


Buck Hughes

Hoyt Volker

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Rex Colt

Colonel Ike Sloan

Blood Dragons

Far Cry 4

Ajay Ghale

Pagan Min

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