Lumen Histoire proposal

Eternity Magic: Fairy Heart, also known as Lumen Histoire  is Fairy Tail's greatest secret and a very powerful Magic, said to be superior to the 'Three Great Fairy Magics'. Fairy Heart is a source of infinite magic energy, stemming from a combination of residual magical energy left in Mavis' body due to the curse of Ankhseram and decades of failed experiments by Precht in an attempt to resurrect her. Its Magic Power potential is claimed to be so great that Mavis herself stated that Etherion could be fired infinitely if its power were to be sourced from Fairy Heart.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. High 6-B in conjuction with Etherion

Name: Eternity Magic: Fairy Heart, Lumen Historie, Mavis Vermilion Body

Origin: Fairy Tail

Classification: Infinite Magic Source

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Magic Regeneration, Magic Generating, Space and Time Manipulation

Range: Unknown

Weakneses: It is a source, not a weapon; Dangerous for users because of Mavis' Ankhseram Black Magic

Wielders: Mavis Vermilion, Makarov Dreyar, Precht 'Hades' Gaebolg, Zeref Dragneel

Attack Potency: Unknown. Large Country level in conjuction with Etherion (As it can be used for unlimited amounts of times)

Durability: Small Island level (Withstood several shots from Fairy Glitter. Received only a small crack after Mavis took several of Jacob's attacks)