Faba is the Branch Chief of the Aether Foundation and the foundation's "last line of defense".

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | 7-B | Likely High 7-A

Name: Faba

Origin: Pokémon

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Aether Foundation member.

Powers and Abilities: High intelligence | Superhuman Physical Characteristics (All), Statistics Amplification (Slowbro), Telekinesis (Slowbro, Hypno and Bruxish), Water Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (Bruxish),Sleep inducement (Slowbro and Hypno), Attack Nullification (Hypno), Flight, Forcefield Creation, Air Manipulation (Ledian) | Ice Manipulation (Slowbro), Telekinesis (Raichu and Alakazam), Lightning Manipulation (Raichu), Light Manipulation, Attack Nullification (Alakazam), Energy Manipulation (Hypno)

Attack Potency: Human level | City level+ (Superior to Nanu, who in turn was stronger than Totem Mimikyu) | Likely Large Mountain level (Comparable to other challengers)

Speed: Human level | Likely Supersonic+ | Hypersonic+ (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Average Human Class | City Class+ | Likely Large Mountain Class

Durability: Human level | City level+ | Likely Large Mountain level

Stamina: Average | High

Range: Unknown, Varies on the Pokémon and Move.

Standard Equipment: Poké Balls.

Intelligence: High, a master manipulator and the Branch Chief of a government organization.

Weaknesses: Human weaknesses | Dark, Grass, Rock, Ice and Flying-type attacks. Nightmare only works when the target is put to sleep.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Yawn: Slowbro lets out a yawn that quickly puts the foe to sleep.
  • Psychic: Slowbro attacks with a powerful psychic wave.
  • Amnesia: Slowbro empties his mind to raise his special defense.
  • Headbutt: Slowbro headbutts the target.


  • Aqua Jet: Bruxish covers itself in water and lunges.
  • Crunch: Bruxish bites the target.
  • Psychic Fangs: Bruxish amplifies its fangs with its telekinesis and bites the foe.


  • Hypnosis: Hypno hypnotizes the target, putting them to sleep.
  • Disable: Hypno disables the last move the enemy used and prevents them from using it.
  • Nightmare: Hypno attacks with a damaging nightmare while the opponent is asleep.
  • Psychic: Hypno attacks with a powerful psychic wave.


  • Reflect: Ledian creates a barrier that weakens physical attacks.
  • Light Screen: Ledian creates a barrier that weakens special attacks.
  • Bug Buzz: Ledian vibrates its wings to create a damaging sound wave.
  • Air Slash: Ledian attacks with a sharp wave of air that can cause the target to flinch and cancel their attack.

Key: By Himself | First Fights | Post Game/Title Defense


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