An abbreviation that stands for "Faster Than Light".

Due to the physics involved, it is not possible to accelerate to the speed of light in reality without producing infinite energy, whereas even swifter velocities produce imaginary numbers.

Despite this, many characters in fiction surpass lightspeed without any reference to the impossibility inherent in such a feat, and they certainly display no signs of being able to use infinite amounts of energy.

Many times, some form of FTL travel is used in science-fiction for spaceships, as it is necessary to cross the vast distances between star systems within a reasonable amount of time.

This contains the widest speed tiers, from FTL to Massively FTL+, stretching all the way through every finite speed value that is greater than the speed of light.

Many characters have FTL hyperbole, but without consistent feats, these statements are not accepted as accurate. Kinetic Energy does not realistically apply to characters with any degree of FTL speed. For light dodging feats, see this page.

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