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FEZ is a video game (Developed by Phil Fish under the developer name, Polytron, with music created by artist Disasterpiece) universe home to Gomez, the hero who saved it, his sidekick/guide, and an all powerful entity that the hero must save.

The main hero and one of the only characters with a true name, is Gomez, a fez wearing being that is a descendant of an ancient being of people called the Zu. Everyone like him is a descendant and are called the Flat-Heads. They neglect the Zu language as a form of communication, as over time they favor broken English over "Zuese". They live in houses and other artificial habitats

The world of FEZ is multi-dimensional place, however most the characters can only interact with it in two planes. X,Y or Z,Y. X being left and right, Z being back and forth, and Y being up and down. However, most things, such as the mountains, oceans, trees, buildings, black holes, and various platforms remain both 2 and 3 dimensional, depending on the perspective of the characters. Most of the Flat-Heads seem to believe that a 3rd physical plane is beyond possible existence and their comprehension, therefore, it cannot exist.


Gomez's story, and that of FEZ begins when he leaves his house one day to check his mailbox. Gomez receives an envelope from Geezer, an elder of his hometown. Geezer requests that Gomez meet him on the top of their town. When he does, Geezer explains to Gomez that he is too old to upkeep the previous job of being the one to keep all of spatial existence intact, and someone has to take his place.

Sadly, tragedy strikes. Suddenly, Gomez becomes teleported to a place beyond time and space, where the mystical, mysterious and powerful Hexahedron lies. It speaks to him in the Zu language, however it is incomprehensible to Gomez. It bestows him with a fez. The fez allows Gomez to switch between dimensions. Here is where Gomez gains the ability to be 3-D in his universe without having to do anything at all. However, something causes the Hexahedron to spin out of control and lose its balance in the spatial dimensions it has keep intact. The Hexahedron exploded in to multiple 2-D and 3-D blocks that have scattered all over Gomez's world. The universe then reboots and reverse earlier to that day, with the only constants remaining are the fez-wearers and the broken Hexahedron. Gomez exits his home again, and instead of his usual message, he meets Dot, a 4-D hypercube, that tells him the results of the Hexahedron's demise. Inspired and with a new found ability, Gomez and Dot set off to find every single missing cube and anti-cube in order to restore the Hexahedron, and the universe.

Power of the Verse

The verse and its characters are relatively weak and peaceful, as there is no history of conflict in the story. However, for as weak as they are in comparison to other verses, this has to be the strongest "weak" verse there is. Going from 2 spatial dimensions, to a supposed 5, not including the temporal dimensions. The 2 dimensions Gomez and others inhabit, the 3rd and 4th that Dot and the Hexahedron inhabit, and a 5th one that is the inverse of another dimension, one Gomez can interact with, where the anti-cubes exist.

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The Zu

The Hexahedron

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- The universe that Gomez accesses is purely 3-D, while both Dot and The Hexahedron are dimensional beings.


- If the player gets all 64 Cubes and Anti-Cubes by the end of the game, the Hexahedron absorbs Gomez and Dot, and begins to show how large and amazing the universe is. It eventually reveals the Hexahedron is just a lone hypercube in a larger 5-dimensional universe, and that it is limited to its multiverse.

- Players and fans speculate that this is the "canon/true" ending to the story, and where FEZ's creator Phil Fish would have begun in FEZ II, before its cancellation, by making FEZ II a 4-D or 5-D experience for Gomez and Dot.

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