The North American F-86 Sabre was a fighter used by the US and it's allies during the early Cold War period, and saw military service in the Korean War. It's closest Soviet equivalent is the MiG-15, and often saw combat against it during the Korean War. The aircraft was finally retired in 1994 in Bolivia, 47 years after it has made it's first flight and 45 years after it first entered service with the USAF.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B with Machine Guns/Autocannons and rockets, 8-C with 1000 lb bombs

Name: F-86 Sabre

Origin: Real Life

Classification: Fighter Jet

Height: 4.5 meters

Length: 11.4 meters

Weight: Empty weight is around 5 metric tons, loaded weight is up to 6.8 metric tons.

Pilot(s): Mainly U.S Air Force, Spanish, South Korean, and Japanese, although it is now retired.

Needed Prerequisite for Use: 1 pilot in most versions

In use by: Mainly U.S Air Force, Spanish, South Korean, and Japanese, although it is now retired.

Powered by: Jet Fuel (General Electric 5,200-pound thrust J-47-13 turbojet)

Operational Timeframe: Likely several hours

Attack Potency: Wall level with M3 Browning HMGs (.50 BMG possesses this much firepower, later versions of the Sabre were armed with 4 M39 20mm autocannons, but are in the same AP range of Wall level), Wall level+ with HVAR rockets (3.4 kg of TNT ), Building level with 1000 lb bombs (Contained around 269 kilograms of explosive material )

Range: With guns, apoxamtaly a little over 1 kilometers. several kilometers with missiles. Any obtainable ground based target with bombs and unguided rockets

Speed: Subsonic+ flight speeds (Around 1,106 kilometers per hour)

Terrain: Air

Material: Aluminum

Durability: Wall level

Weaknesses: None notable.


  • 6x M3 12.7mm Browning HMG
  • 16x 5 in. HVAR Rockets (Or 2,000 lb Max Bomb Load)
  • On later models. the .50 caliber brownings were replaced with 4 M39 20mm cannons.