Beerus's Hakai is a minor version of this.


Existence Erasure is the power to remove something from existence, reducing it to nothingness. This is a step beyond vaporization or atomization, as this ability makes something vanish completely as opposed to just splitting it into smaller parts.

Possible Uses

The user of this ability is capable of turning targets to nothing. This can range from only turning the matter of the target to nothing to also turning things like its energy, mind, soul, space, time, concept or even more fundamental aspects of its existence to nothing.

Note that one shouldn't list a character to have resistance/immunity against this ability in total, as that requires a character to have shown resistance against every imaginable ability which can erase a target. Instead it should be specifically noted which technique was resisted.

It is often listed as a subpower of Void Manipulation.


  • Most characters have not the full range of the ability, for example only being able to erase a target's matter and energy, but not its mind, soul, concept, etc.
  • There are abilities, such as for example Low-Godly regeneration and above, which can protect from this up to a certain degree of the ability.


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