I shall destroy your happiness... if it is the last thing I do.
~ Regina threatening Snow White and Prince Charming

My life was never just one story. It was many stories. To some, a villain. I hurt people... in ways I can never make up for. To others, I'm... a hero. They've seen my strength, my ability to do the hard things, even when I thought I couldn't. I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn't get a part.
~ Regina to Snow White

What if I could bring all the realms to Storybrooke? There would be no more separation. And for once, we could... all be together.
~ Regina to Henry Mills and Sir Henry


Queen Regina, more commonly known as The Evil Queen and more recently, The Good Queen, is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time, as well as the main fairytale antagonist. Filled with a deep hatred for Snow White ever since a tragic incident years ago, Regina makes it her life's mission to destroy the happy endings of the former and everyone else in the fairytale world. Her hatred for people led her to create the dark curse which sent all fairytale characters to a small town named Storybrooke. There she lives as Mayor Regina Mills, the stern adoptive mother of Henry Mills who sets out to stop his birth mother and Snow White's daughter, Emma Swan, from breaking her curse. Once the curse is broken, Regina finds herself in a vulnerable state and goes on a path of redemption to win back Henry's love. With this, she is eventually able to make the full transition from villain to hero.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A physically. 7-C with Magic. 5-A with preparations.

Name: Regina Mills

Origin: Once Upon a Time (OUAT)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, physically in her thirties

Classification: Queen, Witch

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Telekinesis, Animation, Teleportation, Soul Possession, Transmutation, Catoptromancy, Plant Manipulation, Petrification, Enchanting Objects, Fire Manipulation, Summoning, Potioncraft, Memory Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Killed a jester with a gesture ), Matter Manipulation (Disintegrated Daniel), Heart Extraction (Can magically penetrate a person's chest and literally remove the hearts of other living beings without killing them and use them to control the owner or kill them by crushing the heart), Biological Manipulation (Made Zelena mute), Soul Manipulation (Can affect souls and even remove them from bodies they are possessing), Rope Manipulation, Healing (At least High-Low, if comparable to Zelena), Curse Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Sleep Inducement, Magical Barriers, Earth Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Energy Projection, BFR, Mind Manipulation, Broadway Force, Power Nullification (Can nullify someone's capacity of hurting an specific person, making this person's powers useless), Sealing with mirror, Resistance to Sleep Inducement

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically. Town level with Magic (Should be comparable to Jafar, who could "wipe Agrabah off this earth", and created Storybrooke using the Dark Curse). Large Planet level with preparations (Merged all the realms of the story into Storybrooke). Can ignore conventional durability with Heart Extraction and others abilities

Speed: Supersonic (Should be comparable to Mr. Hyde)

Lifting Strength: Class 25 with Telekinesis

Striking Strength: Athlete Class. Street Class with sword.

Durability: At least Building level physically (Comparable to her sister). At least Town level with shields and protective charms (Created a shield that not even herself was able to destroy)

Stamina: Average

Range: Several dozen meters with Telekinesis, Fire Manipulation, Transmutation, Plant Manipulation, Immobilization, Energy Projection, Sleep Inducement; Can cross realms with Mirror.

Standard Equipment: Mirror, Sword, Coras Spell Book, Dark Curse, Several Potions, Sleeping Curse

Intelligence: High, great knowledge and understanding of spells, potions, and other topics related to magic

Weaknesses: Emotionally dependent on her adopted son Henry, The Laws of magic (can't bring back the dead, force someone to fall in love and change the past), Price of Magic (Inevitable expense for using or casting magic, comes in many forms), Squid ink (Magical product obtained from magic squids, can be used for freezing a victim in their place)


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