Eve (Xena)

(Exposes large scar) Gaelic spear. The man who did it, his entire regiment, his village and two neighboring villages destroyed before the sun went down.
~ Eve in "Coming Home"


Eve, the Messenger of Eli and former Bringer of Twilight was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess. She is the daughter of Xena. When Xena first discovered she was pregnant, in "Animal Attraction", she said that she hadn't 'met the requirements' for it to be possible. It is later revealed that it was Callisto who placed life in Xena, to make up for all the things that they had taken out of their lives.

Hours before her birth, The Fates prophesied that Eve would bring about the deaths of the Olympian Deities. Zeus attempted to prevent this by killing the child before she was born, but an unlikely pairing of Hercules and Hera managed to stop and kill Zeus. This caused panic on Olympus and the Deities made numerous attempts at murdering the innocent child.

When Xena and Gabrielle faked their own deaths in a ploy to trick the Deities, Eve was raised by the Romans. She gained a false identity of Livia, the Bitch of Rome. She slaughtered the followers of Eli and anyone who stood between her and Rome. She became engaged to Octavius, Emperor of Rome, although she was having an affair with Ares. He trained and taught her in the same manner as he did Xena. When Xena awoke from her 25-year sleep, she found Eve and took time trying to reform her. Along the way, Eve killed Joxer and left Rome to go on a killing spree with Romans who were still loyal to her.

Once Xena had got through to her, her true identity was revealed and The Deities made one final attempt at killing Eve. Eli bestowed Xena with the power to kill Deities, in order to protect his Messenger. The Deities attacked Xena and she had no qualms about killing each one of them. Eve then travelled Greece and later Chin to spread Eli's message and repent for her former sins, much like her mother did.

Eve was played by Adrienne Wilkinson.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | 9-B

Name: Eve, the Messenger of Eli (formerly Livia, The Bitch of Rome, The Empress Bitch, Bringer of Twilight)

Origins: Xena: Warrior Princess

Gender: Female

Age: 0-1, 26 post-timeskip

Classification: Human, Warrior/Messenger of Peace, Reincarnation of Callisto

Powers and Abilities: None notable | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, skilled swordswoman and martial artist, Enhanced Senses (can sense spirits and the darkness inside people's hearts), can dispel illusions and reverse curses, exorcism

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level | Wall level (Can defeat Xena)

Speed: Below Average Human | Subsonic+ reactions via powerscaling (fought more or less evenly with Xena)

Lifting Strength: Below average | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Below Average Class | Wall Class

Durability: Below Average | Wall level (Took hits from Xena)

Stamina: Low | Superhuman

Range: Extended human melee, higher with range weapons

Standard Equipment: None | Her sword, knives, daggers, horse

Intelligence: Below average | Fairly intelligent. She was well-educated in Rome and has years of combat experience, including training by Ares. She can also communicate with Eli and archangels such as Michael for expanded wisdom.

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Baby | Adult



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