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Eureka Seven: Psalm of Planets is a 50 episode anime series created by Studio Bones. A sequel series, Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean aired for 26 episodes in 2012. A movie and manga that exists in alternate universes in the multiverse exist. The series is set in the distant future, where the world is covered by Scub Corals that let off trapar waves that allow for the flight of LFOs (which function similar to surfing).

A young boy named Renton meets the mysterious girl Eureka, and they go on a journey with the Gekkostate, which is running from the United Federation. Over the series their love for each other grows. The second series focuses on Ao, the son of Renton & Eureka, and set in the distant past.

Power of the Verse

Eureka Seven is rather powerful. LFOs such as Type-Zero and Type-THEEND have impressive energy attacks, missile volleys as well as high manuverbility. Due to Eureka's interactins with the amita drive, Type-Zero can unleash colossal amounts of power in Seven Swells & Summers of Love. The Scub Coral, a race of aliens that adapt and grow to cover the entire planet, risk bringing about the Limit of Questions by adding too many sentient lifeforms to reality, which creates a blackhole that's at least capable of destroying the planet. The first series ends with Nirvash taking on a new form that can blast the surface of the moon and hold open dimensions. The series is set in a multiverse, though no one is shown to have that level of power.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series






Nirvash Type-Zero

Nirvash Type-THEEND


Scub Coral


Oratorio Number 8

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