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Emma Frost is a character from the X-Men franchise. At first, she is a villainess, but later she becomes a heroine.

As a member of X-Men, Emma deals with her emotions from murdering her sister and travels to the mutant haven island of Genosha where she teaches at a mutant school until a genocidal Sentinel attack kills most of the island's population including all of her students; Emma survives due to the sudden manifestation of her secondary mutation: the power to transform herself into a flexible, near-invulnerable, diamond-like substance. Emma then joins the X-Men after they rescue her from Genosha, and takes on a teaching position after the Xavier Institute reforms into a regular school. She starts to look after and train a group of telepathic quintuplets, the Stepford Cuckoos, who quickly become her prized pupils. Frost and the Cuckoos prove themselves when they help fight and defeat Charles Xavier's evil twin sister Cassandra Nova. As a member of the X-Men, Frost begins a psychic, non-physical, sexual relationship with Cyclops, who had become distant from his wife Jean as a result of his temporary physical and mental merger with the ancient mutant Apocalypse and added disconnection from Jean "re-manifesting" the Phoenix Force. Emma and Cyclops' psychic meetings begin in the form of therapy, but soon turn into a telepathic romantic affair.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | 4-B

Name: Emma Grace Frost, formerly White Queen

Origin: Marvel Comics, Uncanny X-Men #129

Gender: Female

Age: Late 20s to 30s

Classification: Human Mutant/Omega Class Telepath

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Telepathy, able to broadcast and receiving thoughts, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, projection of offensive blasts of psionic energy causing mental pain or unconsciousness, Astral Projection, mind switching, brain engram modification, mental sedation of unconscious victims, induction of mental pain by touch, and limited psychometry, latent telekinesis, healing, able to turn into an organic diamond form similar to Colossus' organic steel form that increases her durability and protects her from psionic attacks, Resistance to Telepathy | All previous superhuman powers increased, Fire Manipulation, Immortality (Type 4), Flight, Matter Manipulation, Resurrection, Energy Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness

Attack Potency: Unknown in diamond form. Her telepathy can rival that of Charles Xavier. | Solar System level (Is one of the Phoenix Force Five)

Speed: At least Supersonic combat speed (Can react in a hundredth of a second) | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown in diamond form | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown in diamond form | Solar System Class

Durability: Unknown in diamond form | Solar System level

Stamina: Unknown | Unknown

Range: Thousands of kilometers with telepathy

Standard Equipment: Mini-Cerebro

Intelligence: Emma Frost is highly skilled in electronic theory and electronics and has learned how to build devices that can amplify psionic energy and utilize psionic energy for various effects. Taught at Xavier's school for mutants. Also an extremely powerful telepath nearly on par with Charles Xavier

Weaknesses: Is physically a normal human outside of her diamond form, while in her diamond form she cannot use her telepathy, diamond form can shatter if hit in an area that has a flaw | Can be harmed by Chaos Magic. Taking enough damage could cause the Phoenix Force to abandon her. Far more arrogant and overconfident than before.


Respect thread

Broadcast Cyclops' message to every mutant across the world

Erased the memories of an entire city

Can mind wipe people from across continents

Controlled hundreds of people's minds

Blocked Xavier's telepathy

Erased Sebastian Shaw's mind

Possessed Iceman's body

Turned teen Jean Grey's powers off

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Psychic Surgery: The utilization of pin-pointed psionic energy to exert absolute control over individual brain functions such that the physical form can be manipulated (i.e., injuries healed, disabilities repaired, the nervous system, etc), a sub-skill of telepathy unusual for even the most powerful of telepaths, but one that Emma is keen to utilize whenever the occasion benefits her.
  • Organic Diamond Form: Emma Frost can transform her body into a flexible organic diamond form. In many ways, this is similar to Colossus' organic steel form. She must transform all parts of her body, rather than selectively transforming certain areas and can remain in this form for an indeterminate amount of time. If she is rendered unconscious, Frost's body will automatically transform into its normal state. This transformation also alters Frost's personality, causing her to become rather cold-hearted and to lose her empathy for others. Emma does not have access to her telepathy while in her diamond form and is immune to telepathy as well. Her body is also resistant to temperature extremes, able to withstand temperatures as cold as -320 degrees Fahrenheit or as hot as approximately 7,362 degrees Fahrenheit before her form begins to melt. Frost is also self-contained while transformed, requiring no food, water or oxygen.

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Key: Base | Phoenix Force


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