Elizabeth Liones is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, an adopted daughter of King Bartra Liones, and is originally from the ruined Kingdom of Danafor.

It is revealed that Elizabeth is actually the latest in a long line of reincarnations of the Goddess Elizabeth, daughter of the Supreme Deity and lover of Meliodas. She was cursed with perpetual reincarnation, doomed to lose her memories with each cycle until regaining them at some point as a young adult. As soon as she regains her memories she dies three days later, and the cycle continues.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | 10-C physically, At least 7-B with magic | High 6-B

Name: Originally Elizabeth, later Liz, and currently Elizabeth Liones

Origin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old biologically, over 3000 years mentally

Classification: Human, Holy Knight Apprentice | Princess of Liones, Goddess Apostle | Goddess

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Extrasensory Perception, Flight, Telepathy, Possession, Healing, Holy Manipulation (Her magic breaks down Demons), Light Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Caused an entire army of mind-controlled demons to lose the will to fight), Power Nullification (Can nullify and destroy dark energy and miasma), Resistances to Poison and Acid (Completely unaffected by Melascula's Deadly Poison)

Attack Potency: Large Building level+ (Nakaba states that Liz was about as strong as Twigo) | Below Average physically (Weaker than Griamore as a young child), At least City level+ with Magic (Overpowered Gray Demon Hendrickson's Dark Nebula and injured him. It has been shown by the Archangels and Ten Commandments that a much greater power is needed for the demons' weakness to holy magic to have a noticeable effect, meaning Elizabeth's magic power should be far more potent than Hendrickson's) | Large Country level (Managed to injure Assault Mode Meliodas. Her magic restrained Indura Derieri and Monspeet, although she needed some assistance after. Had no problem fighting with multiple Ten Commandments at once if needed. Removes and destroyed the miasma powering Melascula with ease. Highly respected by Sariel and Tarmiel, injured Derieri, and casually sent Estarossa a far distance away)

Speed: Likely Superhuman movement with Hypersonic attack speed (Comparable to Twigo) | Likely Massively Hypersonic (Was able to bite the bell off of Ruin's staff as he struck her with it) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Capable of keeping up with Ten Commandments like Melascula. Sent Estarossa away with an Ark sphere before he could counter)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Below Average (Struggled to carry several weapons and metal armor) | Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Building Class+ | Below Average Class | Large Country Class

Durability: Large Building level+ (Comparable to Twigo) | Likely Small City level (Took attacks from Ruin, although she was severely injured after just a few) | Large Country level (Took attacks from Truth/Reticence-Absorbed Estarossa)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range | Standard melee range, tens of meters with her awakened power | Standard melee range, kilometers with magic (extended a light sword high enough into the sky to be seen from hundreds of miles away)

Standard Equipment: Sword | None | None

Intelligence: Presumably a skilled fighter to be considered a Holy Knight in Danafor | Average | After regaining her memories, Elizabeth gains access to all the knowledge and skills from her past lives, making her a highly intelligent and skillful fighter.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Goddess: As a Goddess, Elizabeth has access to their holy magic, which can be used for a variety of techniques.

  • Flight: Elizabeth can manifest several wings on her back to freely fly.
  • Possession: Goddesses can inhabit other beings and use them as vessels, provided they obtain consent. Once inhabiting another body, Goddesses can use all their abilities, but their power causes the body to undergo changes. Elizabeth has never used this ability.
  • Telepathy: Elizabeth can speak to the hearts and minds of others. Her telepathy is strong enough to overcome the Absolute Orders of Cusack and Chandler and convince many lesser demons not to battle.

Makes others not want to fight


Ark: The holy magic of the Goddess Clan that generates light particles for use in a variety of spells. It can disintegrate the darkness of the Demon Clan, although sufficiently powerful demons can handle Ark attacks like any other. A common use of Ark involves creating spheres of light around the user's target, inflicting damage on whatever is inside. Elizabeth has also shown the ability to create myriad Ark blasts that fire in a continuous barrage, which she used against Estarossa. Elizabeth also created an enormous Ark sword stretching high into the sky when she made a pact with Ludoshel.

  • Let There Be Light: Elizabeth fires a drill-shaped light projectile at her target which can purify darkness and purge evil souls from the body they are possessing. Elizabeth can use the technique to purify the Demon Clan's Indura Transformation, and remove any lingering feelings that prevent dead spirits from passing on.
  • Passion Of Jonah: Elizabeth creates a massive whale-like creature made of Ark energy, which swallows the target. She used it to destroy Estarossa's Black Hound and remove its black fire.
  • Tranquilize: Elizabeth creates several triskeles of light, which generate a wind that removes miasma from her target. It was used to remove the miasma empowering Melascula.

Invigorate: Elizabeth instantly heals and restores the energy of her target. She can affect multiple people at once. She continuously restored all of the Liones Holy Knights with her group, preventing any of them from being killed in the battle against the demon army. In addition to wounds, she can heal the sickness brought on by Assault Mode Meliodas' miasma. She also nullified Melascula's digestive poison cocktail, and she herself walked through it without any adverse effects.

Time Regression Spell: A Goddess Clan spell that allows Elizabeth to send someone's soul back into the past to live through her actions and possibly act differently. It is important to note that the spell does not actually affect time, it is more akin to an advanced illusion. She taught it to Drole and Gloxinia sometime in the past.

Key: Liz | Elizabeth Liones | Goddess/With memories restored


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