I am Ein. It is my duty to pass judgment on you, as I have done on countless demons. When I became a Grim Angel, I gained more than just Einherjar for my wings...In Riviera, I found friends, as well as the courage to do what’s right!
~ Ein


Ein (Japanese: Ecthel) is a younger Grim Angel, a species created by the Magi, god-like beings, in order to combat Demons during a series of wars known as the Ragnarok Wars. He sacrificed his wings in order to wield Einherjar, his special Diviner, a weapon wielded by the Grim Angels. He fights to save the continent of Riviera from the evil of Hector, one of the Magi, with his companions: Fia, Lina, Serene and Cierra. He believes the best in all his allies, as well as being courageous, loyal, and friendly... Even if he can be just a slight bit perverted.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-A

Name: Ein, The Wingless Angel

Origin: Dept. Heaven

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, Physically mid-to-late teens

Classification: Grim Angel

Powers and Abilities: Fire Manipulation (Flamberg), Electricity Manipulation (Thunder Blade/Zephyr), Holy Manipulation (Natural, amplified by Einherjar), Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Strength/Speed), Darkness Resistance.

Attack Potency: Continent level (Due to fighting with Seth-Rah, who could annihilate a continent as well as killing her.)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Continent level (He's fought with Seth-Rah, and tanked her strongest attacks, Armageddon and Ragnarok, which are able to destroy the continent of Riviera.)

Stamina: He's able to take on constant barrages of Demons while traveling through huge areas such as Lacrima Castle and Yggdrasil without barely feeling exhausted.

Range: Unknown.

Standard Equipment: The Sword Einherjar, which is a Diviner, powerful weapons made of Orichalcum for Grim Angels, Iron Sword, Flamberg (A Flaming Sword), Thunder Blade (Self explanatory), The Mithril Sword, The Zephyr, and the Gran Sabre.

Intelligence: He's quite smart. For instance, he was able to solve the cryptic riddle of Mireno Lake, which involved using different Ankhs, and cryptic clues as to which Ankh to use... AS WELL AS figuring out OTHER combinations for extra loot, such as the Key to Hell.

Weaknesses: He's slightly weak to Fire, Electricity, and Ice damage. He also has a low resistance to Magic, so Magic-Heavy foes are a trouble for him. In addition, he sacrificed his wings in order to wield Einherjar, so he has lost the ability to fly like other angels.


  • Survived a fight with an artificial Grim Angel, Malice.
  • Survived a fight with a more experienced Grim Angel, Ledah.
  • Defeated the Accursed, strong Demons that can bring forth other demons.
  • Defeated Lindwurm, a titanic dragon.
  • Defeated Hades in the Underworld.
  • Defeated Hector, who is essentially a god in his world.
  • Killed Seth-Rah, a fusion between Hector and a being named Seth who is stated as being able to destroy a continent, as well as taking hits from her.
  • Defeated Archangel, a much stronger Grim Angel with Demonic powers
  • Defeated Death. No seriously, Death.
  • Manged to defeat both a Golem, which are huge on their own, easily dwarfing him, as well as a Master Golem, which are around 15-20 feet tall, with only his bare hands.
  • Lifted and threw a wooden chest with ease
  • Managed to survive being blown out of a tower by a Wyrm and landing on a roof far below with only a few scratches and bruises.
    • Managed to survive being blown away by the same Wyrm, this time into a dead tree.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • OverSkills, powerful techniques that vary depending on the weapon used.
    • Disaresta is a technique he uses with Einherjar, in which he slashes the opponent up to 7 times, the 7th hit being a huge burst of Holy energy. Each strike uses holy energy.
    • Sword Blitz is a physical 3-hit attack with no elemental charge. It is used with the Iron Sword.
    • Flame Slash is a 4-hit fire-based attack used with Flamberg.
    • Lightning Strike is a 5-hit Electric attack that strikes the closest enemy, if there are multiple enemies present. It's used with the Thunder Blade.
    • Earth Shaker is a 6-hit attack with no elemental charge. This technique is used with the Mithril Sword.
    • Mimic Ray is a long-range electric attack that hits 7 times, fired from Zephyr.
    • Divine Ascension is an 8-hit, non-elemental attack. The most powerful of Ein's overskills, minus Disaresta, it is used with the Gran Sabre.


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