Dulio Gesualdo is an exorcist who was reincarnated as an Angel by the Archangel Michael, becoming Michael's "Joker". He possesses the second-strongest Longinus, Zenith Tempest and is the leader of the anti-terrorist group known as DxD. Dulio is shown to be carefree, but lazy, though he's also been kind and easy going. In addition, he travels around the world in order to find the tastiest cuisines, having a tendency to disappear when he finds out about a new cuisine. However, it's revealed that he does this to research foods and bring them to the church for kids to eat and not for personal satisfaction. He has a hobby of walking around while eating and sleeping during meetings and treats those who came from church facilities as his brothers and sisters. He was a war orphan as his parents died in a civil strife in his country, leading to him living in the church and awakening his Sacred Gear. He was so skilled as an exorcist that he was dubbed "The Strongest Exorcist" and was sent against High-Class Devils and dangerous evil creatures. He was later reincarnated into an Angel by Michael through the Brave Saint system.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-A

Name: Dulio Gesualdo, The Strongest Exorcist, Joker, The Trump Card of Heaven

Origin: High School DXD

Gender: Male

Age Unknown

Classification: Reincarnated Angel, Former Human, Sacred Gear Wielder, Leader of DxD

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Immense Exorcist Skills, Flight, Light Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Teleportation, Mind Manipulation, Forcefield Creation

Attack Potency: At least Mountain level (Able to fight evenly against Crom Cruach, who held off Balance Breaker Vali and Cardinal Crimson Issei simultaneously)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (Issei couldn't land a single hit on him in their sparring session. Crimson Cardinal Promotion is considered on par with if not superior to Juggernaut Drive)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Isn't good in hand-to-hand combat, but is still far stronger than normal humans due to his status as a Reincarnated Angel)

Striking Strength: At least Mountain Class

Durability: At least Mountain level (Easily fended off attacks from Issei and Vali, is considered to be a prime candidate for promotion to a Seraph, putting him in the same league as Archangel Michael, who can match Satan-class opponents in combat)

Stamina: Very high, fought against Issei and Vali simultaneously without breaking a sweat and easily wiped out a group of Grim Reapers with a large scale devastation attack with no signs of fatigue.

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment:

  • Zenith Tempest (煌天雷獄ゼニス・テンペスト, Zenisu Tenpesuto): Dulio possesses the second strongest Longinus, which has the ability to control all weather as well as its elemental attributes. His Sacred Gear can control weather to take control of fire, wind, lightning, water, and earth that exist in nature. As such, it's even possible to create artificial clouds in places where there is no sky. According to Azazel, Dulio's skills with Zenith Tempest are abnormal, to the point that he can even control the weather inside buildings as demonstrated when he took down the majority of the Grim Reapers within the Hades Shrine, in the Realm of the Dead by freezing them.
  • Speranza Bolla di Sapone (虹色の希望スペランツァ・ボッラ・ディ・サポネ, Superantsa Borra di Sapone): is a technique created by Dulio where he creates a giant bubble by blowing through a circle formed by his hands which then explodes creating little bubbles from it. Whoever touches the bubble remembers the things that are most important to them, resulting in them either losing the will to fight or clearing their mind.

Intelligence: An extremely experienced and talented exorcist who had been trained at an early age and is considered the Church's strongest exorcist. In addition, he easily handled both Issei and Vali simultaneously, both of whom are known for their abilities of improvisation. However, he can appear ditzy and can lack focus at times, though it's uncertain how much of this is part of his actual personality and how much of this is an act.

Weaknesses: Can't hold his own in hand-to-hand combat

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Immense Exorcist Skills: He is known to be the strongest exorcist ever, capable of taking on High-Class Devils and monsters alone even before he was reincarnated into an Angel. He is, in fact, so skilled that he is being considered as a candidate to become a Seraph.
  • Immense Strength: Dulio is widely viewed as the strongest reincarnated Angel and is even called a genius. A testament to Dulio's power is the fact that he is the only reincarnated Angel who possesses 10 wings which is the same as that of a Seraph itself. He is also able to combat with Crom Cruach who is the strongest Evil Dragon in existence.
  • Flight: Being an Angel, Dulio can use his wings to fly.


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