Edmun Dragonsbane (Young)


Edmun Dragonsbane is the King of all Gransys, known and famous for killing the dragon Grigori and saving the land. It is later discovered that Duke Edmun did not in fact slay the Dragon all those years ago, but instead made a deal by sacrificing the woman he loved, Lenore. This is also why the Duke has not aged in over fifty years: his heart still belongs to the Dragon, thus making him immortal.

Once you defeat the Dragon, Edmun's heart will return to his body, causing his immortality to disappear. This causes him to turn old as his actual years catch up to him. When you meet him again after defeating the Dragon, he believes you have sacrificed your own beloved in order to take his throne and will attack you. Upon beating him, he'll summon his guards and brand you a traitor, calling you the Dragon's minion.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | 10-C

Name: Edmun Dragonsbane, The Wymntouched

Origin: Dragon's Dogma

Gender: Male

Age: Over 70 years old

Classification: Human, Arisen, King of Gransys

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Immortality (Type 1) | None notable

Attack Potency: Unknown (Never defeated Grigori, the true extent of his power is unknown) | Below Average Human level

Speed: Unknown | Below Average Human level

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Below Average Human level

Striking Strength: Unknown | Below Average Class

Durability: Unknown | Below Average Human level

Stamina: Unknown | Below Average Human level

Range: Extended melee range with a sword

Standard Equipment: A sword

Intelligence: Combat smart.

Weaknesses: Supposedly has the same weaknesses as The Arisen | Low stamina, can barely fight.

Key: Pre-Grigori Defeat | Post-Grigori Defeat


Edmun Dragonsbane (Old)

Edmun after losing his Immortality had his years catch up to him.


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