Drones Render


The lowest ranked soldiers of the Locust hierarchy, these drones has tough and scaly skin that prevent them from getting stabbed easily by a bayonet of a Retro Lancer. They are said to be bred from the Locust Queen when in reality, it is much deeper than that. They originated from a research facility that housed mutuated humans that were exposed to Imulsion, a parasitic lifeform in form of a gas. They also bred for combat and thus are foot soldiers for the Locust Horde and formerly the Locust Queen before her demise.

Power and Abilities

Tier: 9-B physically, 9-B to 8-C with weapons

Name: Drones and "Grubs" by the gears

Origin: Gears of War

Gender: Male, but it is known that female drones exist

Age: Unknown as they died in combat making it difficult to pinpoint on how long they can live

Classification: Reptilian Humanoid

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, is experienced in using a wide variety of weapons, and should be familiar with hand-to-hand combat

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (Can easily kill a human in one step). Wall level to Large Building level with weapons (Some of the weapons are explosive, and are able to take down buildings)

Speed: Peak Human, likely Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Peak human, likely Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level, higher with Boomshield (Survived being stabbed by a MK1 Lancer bayonet, due to their tough skin and tanked a grenade within a few meters distance)

Stamina: High, likely higher

Range: Several hundred meters when using weapons, hand to hand combat without weapons

Standard Equipment: Every weapon they can use and loot from dead bodies

Intelligence: Above average in combat

Weaknesses: They are too loyal to their queen and their skin can absorb damage to a extent. They also can be angered which they can be exploited by using their own anger against them.


  • Are able to match Gears in a chainsaw duel.
  • Can tear their enemy's arm off and slap them with it.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Note: It is not clear on how they reproduce.

Note 2: Game mechanics are to be ignored when it comes to VS matches. For example, they can get infinite ammo or being unable to harm their allies as they should be labeled as game mechanics.

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