Drones are remote controlled, multirotor aircrafts that are usually equipped with cameras. Many companies and inventors worldwide have replicated it while modding it with various equipment to capitalize on its adaptability.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 10-C physically. Unknown with weaponry.

Name: Drone

Origin: Real World

Gender: N/A

Age: Inapplicable

Classification: Remote-controlled aircraft

Powers and Abilities: Flight, adaptable to be equipped with weapons and devices such as cameras

Attack Potency: Likely Below Average Human level physically. Unknown with weapory

Speed: Superhuman to Subsonic (Most drones are known to be capable of flying at 20 m/s, the Teal Drone can fly at 31 m/s, or even 37 m/s given the right conditions), Supersonic+ attack speed via machine guns

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human (Some drones can lift up to 20 kg)

Striking Strength: Below Average Class

Durability: Below Average Human level, Street level at most (Known to crash very easily, most are made of metal alloys and plastics)

Stamina: Most of the more competent drones can reach a maximum flight time of 20-40 minutes

Range: The higher ranking drones usually have 2-5 km operating distance. Likely several meters with explosive rounds

Standard Equipment: Four propellers, A camera, Some drones are equipped with weaponry like machine guns

Intelligence: Non-Sentient (However some can have an AI when the user allows it or is not available, mostly it allows them to return to their take off position to be recovered)

Weaknesses: Needs an operator to fly it most of the time, crashes relatively easily if the blades are struck


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