Don't be afraid of death... Be afraid... Of ze doctor!
~ Ultimis Richtofe

Boiiiz richtofen wielding the ray gun by josael281999-db43ia6
What I do... I do only do secure a better tomorrow.
~ Origins Richtofen to Origins Dempsey and Nikolai in The Giant prologue


Dr. Edward Richtofen is one of the protagonists of the Zombie storyline of Call Of Duty. In the original timeline is a sociopath and sadist who wants to enslave Humanity using the Element 115 and his army of zombies. When Richtofen became in control of the M.P.D he became evil and used Earth as his personal playground to kill people with his undead army.

In Origins timeline, he is a part of PRIMIS, an ancient hero who fought in the Great War against the Apothicons, creatures who destroys every dimension and timelines, after the Great War, he wants to save every dimension and timelines from the Apothicons and make a safe world of the Children.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C with standard weapons, 9-B with Frag grenades, 9-A with Ray gun, Unknown with pack-a-punched and other wonder weapons. At least 2-C, likely higher (With Summoning Key)

Name: Edward Richtofen, Eddie, The Doc

Origin: Call of Duty: Zombies.

Gender: Male

Age: Late 50s at Original Timeline, Past 30s at Origins Storyline

Classification: Human, German, Member of Group 935, Illuminati, PRIMIS

Powers and Abilities: Slower Aging, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Reality Warping (via Summoning Key), Resistance to Reality Warping (via Blood Vials) Telekinesis (with Summoning Key), Soul Manipulation (with Summoning Key, only before death), Time Manipulation (with Summoning Key), Time Paradox Immunity with Blood Vials.

Attack Potency: Wall level with bare fists and varying firearms, Wall level with grenades, Small Building level with Ray gun (In the main campaign, a world nearly devoided of element 115, the Ray gun was capable of destroying tanks), Unknown with pack a punched and other wonder weapons. At least Low Multiverse level, likely higher (With Summoning Key)

Speed: Peak Human (Can run away from hordes of zombies, even Hellhounds, and much faster-running zombies.)

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human | Athletic Human (Carries multiple firearms, a zombie shield, and much more)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Wall Class (On par with Tank Dempsey, who managed to kill a fresh zombie in origins by smashing its skull)

Durability: At least Wall level (Can endure hits that generally kill average soldiers with ease; fought against the templar zombies, weaker zombies due to years of decay, yet strong enough to tear off a man's head.) | Wall level+ (Using Juggernog)

Stamina: Peak Human normally, much higher with Stamina-Up

Range: Standard melee range, several Kilometers with other guns, Low Multiversal using Summoning Key

Standard Equipment: M1911, Mauser C96, MR6, Ray Gun, Olympia, Hatchet, MP40, PPSh-41, KRM-262, MX Garand, Marshal 16, KN-44, Frag Grenades, Blood Vials, Summoning Key (Before and during Revelations)

Intelligence: Genius, possibly Super-Genius (Creator of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and other wonder weapons, knowledge of other timelines, has access to the Kronorium which is a guide to important: people, events, locations, and artifacts)

Weaknesses: None Notable, just having a Paranoia Problem

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Blood Vials: This Vials have the Blood from the Mob of the Dead Crew, which grants Richtofen protection from Reality Warping powers.
  • Summoning Key: The most acient and powerful artifact in this and another Dimension, which can do the following powers:
    • Telekinesis: Using gold-colored energy, can manipulate a body or multiple ones.
    • Soul Preserve: When a Death occurrs, the Key can save and preserve the body's Soul, however, this only works after the Death.
  • Pack-A-Punched Abilities: Not exactly an ability, but a variety of miscellaneous ones stemming from pack a punch, these include:
    • Blast Furnace: Makes the enemy burst into flames and can spread to other enemies.
    • Fireworks: Basically makes the bullet into a firework projectile which lasts for a while, shooting random streaks of flaming projectiles.
    • Turned: Basically, the Turned ability mind controls the target, generally the target kills surrounding enemies.
    • Dead Wire: Much like the Wunderwaffle, it causes a chain of electricity which spreads throughout the enemies.
    • Thunderwall: Basically the shot becomes a thundergun blast instead.
  • Staff of Wind: Out of the staffs in Origins, it is hinted that this is his canonical staff. It shoots blows of Compressed Air much like the ThunderGun
    • Boreas' Fury: The pack a punched version of the Staff of Wind, the Boreas' Fury shots more stronger currents of Air.

Key: Ultimis | Primis


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