Doraemon (Japanese: ドラえもん) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise.

The franchise expanded greatly to become a mega-franchise. It includes the main manga of short stories and its anime adaptations, dozens of movies, and many spin-offs.

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Plot Summary

The main manga and its anime adaptations include hundreds to thousands of daily life short stories about how Doraemon, a tanuki robot cat from the 22nd century, returns to the 20th century to help improve the life of his friend Nobita, the loser that would become the great-great-grandfather of Doraemon's friend in the 22nd century Sewashi. Doraemon often tries to help Nobita with his gadgets from the 22nd century, but they often get misused by Nobita himself, with hilarious results.

The movies and their manga adaptations have a darker and more serious motif, with each movie the main characters engage on an adventure and face dangers. Throughout the films, the 5 have traveled to the prehistoric past, reached the depth of the galaxy or under the sea, or discovered civilizations isolated from the rest of the world. In each film, they encountered villainous groups, from dinosaur hunters, future criminals to monsters or aliens.

The spin-offs include The Doraemons series, which introduces 6 friends of Doraemon from the Robot School in the 22nd century. The Original Series keep on the life and adventures of the Doraemons, and some of the chapters include the anime movie stories. The Special Series have a very major difference with Nobita's frequent participation in most of the Doraemons' adventures, instead of the only focus on the Doraemons.


The Doraemons

Power of the Verse

Despite looking like a funny daily life series, Doraemon is actually a powerful verse.

In the main manga & anime, any gadgets from the 22nd century defy science, with reality warping, manipulation of time, space, gravity, dream etc. or time travel. It also has alternate worlds that are connected to the real world through the gadgets themselves.

The movies and the Doraemons spin-offs, being darker and more serious, often introduce powerful beings such as aliens, monsters, space/ time criminals that are shown more powerful than the gadgets. It is one of the movies, Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld, that takes this verse up to Universe level+ with reality warping.

Note 1: Due to the sheer amount of media within the franchise, with manga and anime adaptations, movies and manga adaptations, and many series of spin-offs, the character profiles are composite. The profiles of Dorami, Nobita and the Doraemons are also scaled directly from Doraemon, as Doraemon has his abilities through technological gadgets of the 22nd century, a period where gadgets like the ones Doraemon has used can be purchased and used by almost anyone.

Note 2: Due to the series being a gag series and aimed for younger audiences, PIS and inconsistencies are not uncommon. Among of the most notable examples is the Air Cannon, which can be used to destroy massive boulders and walls in one chapter, then in another chapter can not even harm a large animal and again can be used to send people flying in a different chapter. This happens a lot in the movies and the spin-offs, often to emphasize the antagonists' powers.

Note 3: Different continuities of manga, anime, movies, and spin-offs are not at all connected, despite Doraemon consistently confirmed to have a 4-dimensional multiverse, with many timelines and possibilities. Even the strongest reality-warping gadgets can only split a timeline into 2 separate, parallel worlds, as confirmed in Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld.

See this blog for a list of Doraemon's gadgets that can be useful for battle. Match-ups involving Doraemon should clearly state which gadgets he is allowed.

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