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Dora the Kid (ドラ・ザ・キッド Dora za Kiddo) is one of the prominent members of The Doraemons and among the last to obtain the 'Best friend Telecard', along with Doraemon. He is also Dorami's boyfriend. Kid works as a deputy in the American frontier along with his colleagues: the old sheriff and his grand-daughter, Annie. At some point, he joins the Time Patrol as a special agent.

A cowboy whose aspiration to become the best marksmen in the universe, and to take a flight and explore the stars; despite his fear of heights. Though he always said that girls are troublesome; he is actually sweet and romantic when it comes to dealing with girls.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 10-A, likely 9-B at peak showings | Varies. Low 2-C reality warping with his strongest gadget

Name: Dora the Kid

Origin: Doraemon (The Doraemons spin-offs)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, should be the same as Doraemon

Classification: Robotic Cat, Deputy Sheriff, Time Patrol Police agent

Power and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Infrared eyes allowing clear vision within darkness, nose 20 times better than humans), Resistance to digestive acids, Marksmanship | Same as Doraemon, as anyone from 22nd Century can use the gadgets that give Doraemon his abilities

Attack Potency: At least Athlete level, likely Wall level at peak showings (As he is the same type of robot as Doraemon, Kid should be at least comparable to him. One story portrays all the Doraemons except for Doraemon himself as good athletes) | Varies depending on gadgets. Universe level+ reality warping with the What-If Phone booth. Some of his gadgets can also ignore durability via different methods such as voodooism, body control and portal creation, among many others, but the comedic nature of the franchise renders most of them inapplicable for actual combat (Same as Doraemon, as they both use gadgets from 22nd Century)

Speed: Likely Athletic Human | Can use gadgets to adjust his speed

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human, likely Athletic Human (Should be at least as strong as Doraemon) | Can use gadgets to adjust his lifting strength

Striking Strength: Unknown | Can use gadgets to adjust his striking strength

Durability: Likely Wall level at peak showings (Should be at least comparable to Doraemon) | Can use gadgets to adjust his durability

Stamina: Likely Athlete level | Can use gadgets to adjust his stamina

Range: Melee range. Several meters with his signature Air Cannon | Varies depending on the type of gadget

Standard Equipment: Thousands of gadgets kept in his 4-dimensional hat, which functions similarly to Doraemon's pocket

Intelligence: Very high. He is portrayed as the third smartest of the Doraemons, after only Wang Dora and Dora-Nichov

Weaknesses: Kid suffers from chronic acrophobia. He stops functioning once his tail is pulled.

Notes: Like Doraemon's, Kid's gadgets cannot apply their effects to a higher-dimensional world.

Key: Dora the Kid | Using gadgets from 22nd Century


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