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Dora the Kid (ドラ・ザ・キッド Dora za Kiddo) is one of the holders of the "Best friend Telecard" and a member of the Doraemons.

Initially a lone wolf, as he joined the Doraemons Kid reveals himself to be a hot-blooded cowboy with a love for food and a fear of height. His sharpshooting skill is well-known across the galaxy, to the point he was offered a position from the Time Patrol during his graduation presentation.

In the Original series by Michiaki Tanaka, Kid works as the deputy sheriff of a planet that resembles a futuristic Wild West. In the Special series, he is the deputy sheriff of the real Wild West in 19th century Earth while also working with the Time Patrol as a special agent, dealing with both 19th century gangsters and time criminals.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, higher with Air Cannon

Name: Dora the Kid

Origin: Doraemon (The Doraemons spin-offs)

Gender: Male

Age: Should be the same as Doraemon

Classification: Robotic Cat, Deputy Sheriff, Time Patrol Police agent

Power and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Infrared eyes allowing clear vision within darkness, nose 20 times better than humans), Resistance to digestive acids and Mind Manipulation (Cannot be affected by hypnosis meant for humans [scaling from Doraemon] and mind-control gas [scaling from El Matadora], but his mind still can be tampered with by 22nd-Century gadgets or supernatural entities), can enter a state of pseudo-death similar to hibernation, the built-in magnets within his hands allow him to stick to any surface, Weapon Mastery (A master of sharpshooting, lasso-slinging, hat-throwing and sword-fighting [Although not to El Matadora's level])

Attack Potency: Wall level (Comparable to other members of the Doraemons), higher with Air Cannon (While more powerful than his physical strength, the power output of the cannon varies between stories, ranging from only knocking out a human to destroying a large boulder)

Speed: At least Normal Human, likely Athletic Human via power-scaling. Higher attack speed with Air Cannon

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (Should be at least comparable to Doraemon)

Stamina: Likely Athlete level

Range: Melee range. Extended melee range with his signature Air Cannon

Standard Equipment: Being a cowboy and police officer with renowned marksmanship, Kid is always equipped with his Air Cannon, which is a gift from Dorami. He also has access to the same gadgets as Doraemon, kept in his 4-dimensional hat which is his variation of the 4-dimensional pocket.

Intelligence: Like his friends, Kid is very perceptive when it comes to exploiting the enemy's weaknesses. Due to having the most dangerous job out of all the Doraemons, Kid is very experienced in dealing with different types of criminals, especially cunning time criminals.

Weaknesses: Kid suffers from chronic acrophobia. He stops functioning once his tail is pulled.


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