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The Doomguy, also known as the Doom marine or just the Marine, is the is the main character in the Doom series of science fiction horror video games created by id Software, and its sequels and spin-off media. He is a space marine dressed in green combat armor who never speaks onscreen as well as our hero at the end of Doom II. He has little defined personality, as he is supposed to represent the player themselves. In all the games, this protagonist is a futuristic marine that is never specifically referred to by name. A different way of referring to the protagonist is as the player, although this is a technical designation similar to that of the player character in role-playing games.

Other products that extend the Doom franchise do provide a name for the main character. The Doom novels roughly based on the classic games give the marine the name of Flynn Taggart, and in the Doom movie, the name of the protagonist is John Grimm, nicknamed Reaper. Another game from id Software, Quake III Arena, includes a playable character named Doom that is presented as an incarnation of the so-called Doomguy (as well as a female version named Crash, and another distinct marine character named Phobos). In Doom II RPG the playable marine character is named Stan Blazkowicz, who is a descendent of William "B.J." Blazkowicz of Wolfenstein 3D. John Kane is the marine of the Doom 3 novels.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-C to 9-A with most weapons, 9-A to 8-C with heavier weaponry, at least 9-B with physical blows, 7-C physical blows with Berserker, 7-C with the BFG, at least 7-C against demons with the Unmaker | At least 7-C physically. Higher with the Berserker

Name: Doomguy/Doom Marine, his real name is unofficial but it's either Flynn "Fly" Taggart (in the novels), B.J. Blazkowicz III (in Doom RPG), or Stan Blazkowicz. (in Doom II RPG) Is referred to as the Doom Slayer in Doom 4/2016 reboot.

Origin: DOOM

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties | Hundreds of years old.

Classification: Human, US Space Marine Captain | Immortal Human, possible Night Sentinel

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, stamina and pain tolerance, Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, Capable strategist, Master with many different firearms and weapons, Skilled chainsaw user, His Combat Armor can shield him from gunfire, melee attacks and superheated plasma shots with its energy shield, Can increase his strength and durability for a limited time with the Berserk, Can increase his strength, durability and slow down time for a limited time with The Artifact, Can absorb the lifeforce of his victims and transfer it into the himself with Soul Cube, High resistance to hellfire and toxic waste, Cross-universal teleportation portals (Can survive entrance in both demonic and technological interdimensional portals) | All previous, Immortality (Type 1), Can amplify all of his weapons to four times their initial damage output with Quad Damage.

Attack Potency: At least Street level to Small Building level with most weapons, Small Building level to Building level with heavier weapons such as rocket launchers and plasma-based firearms, at least Wall level with physical blows (Capable of killing demons on this level with his bare fists), Town level physical blows with the Berserk (Capable of killing the Cyberdemon, though this takes a fair amount of time to accomplish), Town level with the BFG 9000. At least Town level against demons with the Unmaker. | At least Town level physically (Immensely stronger than previous incarnations. As seen through Glory Kills, he is capable of mutilating the strongest demons in the game, including the Cyberdemon, the Hell Guard and the Spider Mastermind-- with just his bare hands. In-game lore states that none of the forces of Hell were strong enough to defeat him, and that the only way they were able to stop him was by imprisoning him.). Higher with the Berserk. (His already superhuman strength is increased several times over)

Speed: Subsonic+ (He can easily outrun 660 mph rockets with his full metal armor), High Hypersonic combat speed and reactions (Capable of reacting to Plasma Rifle shots and even faster projectiles, all of which are at least comparable to solar winds) | Likely the same as previous incarnations.

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (The original Doom 1 manual says the Baron of Hell "weighs as much as a dump truck"), possibly Class 25 (Cyberdemons are approximately 5-6 times taller and have 216 times the mass of a human, weighing approximately 18,713 kg.), likely Class K with the Berserk (Increases his strength several times beyond normal) | Far higher (Several times stronger than any of his previous incarnations. Capable of ripping out one of the Cyberdemon's horns with his bare hands, without the Berserk.)

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class (Can beat demons on this level to death with his bare hands), Town Class with the Berserk. (He can punch Cyberdemons to death, though this takes a fair amount of time to accomplish) | At least Town Class (Strong enough to smash the Cyberdemon's head in one hit.) Higher with the Berserk.

Durability: At least Wall level without his armor (Able to withstand large amounts of gunfire from weapons on this level, including bursts from assault rifles and point-blank blasts from a shotgun. Completely unharmed by the powerups of Hell, which are capable of rendering normal humans and demons insane, as well as causing immense pain and/or destroying the internal organs), Wall level with the Security Armor or the Soul Sphere (Allows him to tank bursts of chaingun fire and explosions from explosive barrels), Small Building level with the Combat Armor (Capable of taking numerous physical blows from the Baron of Hell), likely Building level with both the Combat Armor and the Soul Sphere collected simultaneously, Town level with the Berserk. | At least Town level. Higher with the Berserk.

Stamina: Superhuman. Can survive for a long time without eating and drinking. Is capable of resisting Hell's temperature, battling for hours on end without rest, and even running at subsonic speeds for extended periods of time without tiring. | Nearly limitless. Spent "eons" in Hell without eating, drinking, sleeping or tiring, and was heavily implied to have been fighting demons the entire time he was there.

Range: Standard melee range physically, a several feet with shotguns, several thousand meters with other ranged weapons.

Standard Equipment: His Combat Armor, brass knuckles, fire axe, grenades, fire extinguisher, Chainsaw, Pistol, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Machine Gun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, BFG9000, Unmaker (only hurts demons), Grabber (gravity gun), and the Berserk. | Praetor Armor, Gauss Cannon and most other previously mentioned weaponry.

Intelligence: Is one of Earth’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for battle. Can use any conventional tool and armament. Is an excellent military tactician; can come up with attack strategies and adapt on the fly while facing down any threat, and his actions have led to the downfall of numerous demonic invasion plans. | Possesses countless centuries of combat experience as a result of being trapped in Hell for several lifetimes worth of years. Heavily implied to be the Doomguy of the original games, and as such should have all of the same skills.

Weaknesses: Armor's energy shields don't regenerate. Far weaker without his powerups and armor. | Armor's energy shields don't regenerate. Apparently takes great pleasure in destroying things, which can sometimes be detrimental to his own success. Berserk renders him incapable of operating firearms during its duration. Most of his weapons are far below his own physical tier, even with Quad Damage active.

Key: The Doomguy | The Doom Slayer


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