Yamata no Orochi BS

Yamata-no-Orochi, a Divine-class Material, melts the Baby Magnum's armor in the crossover


Divine-class Materials are the gods and monsters of legend. They cannot be summoned through normal means, and during a battle a summoner must first summon 100 Regulation-classes before starting to summon Divine-classes. Summoning 50 Divine-classes allows a summoner to summon an Unexplored-class Material.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-B

Name: Depends on the Material

Origin: The Unexplored Summon://Blood Sign

Gender: Depends

Age: Unknown

Classification: Material

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, invulnerability to conventional weapons and pure physical damage. An individual Material' abilities may vary, with some having Breath Attack, Energy Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Poison Manipulation or Flight.

Attack Potency: At least City Block level (Divine-class Materials are far superior to any Regulation-class Material, Fafnir and Yamata-no-Orochi caused great destruction in a harbor and destroyed a giant warehouse just by collapsing forwards, Leviathan easily bit a submarine in half)

Speed: Subsonic (Far superior to Regulation-class Materials, can move too fast to be tracked by human kinetic vision)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least City Block Class

Durability: At least City Block level (Can trade blows with other Materials of the same cost level)

Stamina: High

Range: Depends

Standard Equipment: Varies

Intelligence: Materials are driven by their desires which can vary from Material to Material. The vessel being possessed by them can guide those desires to aim the Material at the enemy

Weaknesses: They'll be automatically destroyed if the Silhouette inside their body containing the vessel's mind is destroyed, Materials can't overcome a sound range disadvantage unless there is a large difference in the cost levels of the two Materials (10 or more)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Invulnerability: Materials freely defy the laws of physics and achieve results not even a large army could, and they cannot be harmed by conventional methods such as thermobaric warheads or laser bombardments. Normal weapons are useless once a summoning battle starts and summoners call in a Material, as they cannot harm a Material or a summoner defended by their protective circle. Thus, the only counter is for another summoner to step up and summon their own Material.

The following is a list of named Divine-class Materials:

Name Cost Sound Range Description
Asp 3 Low A extremely venomous snake that puts its prey to sleep with its gaze and then finishes them off with its unavoidable venomous fangs. That precision-guided assassin can be controlled by a curse and sent after the desired target.
Set 3 High A tall dark figure spoken of in Egyptian mythology. This evil god is the symbol of injustice who rules over dryness and darkness. He had killed Osiris, ruler of the underworld, and temporarily taken his throne. The dark figure’s silhouette can crumble into a deadly mist that dries up everything it touches.
Odin Low The spear-wielding head of the Norse gods who tore out an eye and hanged himself.
Zeus 4 High The wild head of the Greek gods who cut open his father’s stomach to rescue his many brothers.
Hydra 5 Low No description given.
Fafnir 6 N/A A giant dragon with golden eyes, several dozen meters tall.
Garuda 6 Low A giant bird from Hindu mythology, the mount of Vishnu and the enemy of all snakes.
Freyja 6 Low A goddess from Norse Mythology who was a goddess of beauty and fertility and who controlled half of heaven’s army.
Hecate 6 Low A 3-headed goddess from Greek mythology and the ancestor of all witches. She ruled over the moon, the night, and the underworld. Most importantly, she gave power to women and granted them the strength to protect themselves.
Achlis 6 Low A quadrupedal holy beast that gained divine speed in exchange for never being able to get back up if it fell down even once in the arctic land in which it lived.
Lilith 6 Middle A beautiful blonde woman with ribbons around her body that has a black mass below her feet like a big wave. That mass is actually a collection of thousands if not tens of thousands of snakes.
Remora 6 Middle A monstrous fish that will latch onto the bottom of a ship and stops it from moving, no matter how large the ship is. Then that marine grim reaper will bewitch the crew into leaping into the ocean.
Phenix 6 Low A spirit bird that is reborn in fire about every 500 years and gained eternal life through its continual rebirth. Legends of that transcender of life are said to be passed down from Egypt but there are no such legends there and its origins are wrapped in mystery.
Nidhogg 7 Low A fifteen meter pitch black dragon with crimson eyes that can spit an ink-like black light from its maw.
Minerva 7 Middle A virgin god that was the protector of the ancient city of Rome who had appeared as a fully-armed maiden from the forehead of Jupiter.
Pyrallis 8 Low The ruler of a volcano crater welling with red-hot boiling copper, a minute insect with a dragon’s head, four legs, and beautiful wings.
Bonnacon 8 Middle A quadrupedal beast that causes chemical burns with a wide spray of its own filth. A single attack can cause damage to an entire theatre.
Leviathan 9 N/A A giant monstrous fish easily over fifty meters long and covered in eerie scales that shine a leaden color, it can freely swim through the sky as easily as it swims in water.
Cernunnos 9 Middle The Celtic god of hunting and ruler of the underworld. The fierce, 2 meters tall male god has a pair of animal horns as a symbol of life.
Caladrius 9 High A white holy bird that can absorb the illness from someone’s body. That master of purification has the power to swallow evil and will not allow anything else to follow it.
Hermes-Thot 10 High A dog-headed god that gained a new name and power after mixing the Ancient Egyptian god of judgment with Hermes of Greece.
Amphisbaena 11 Middle A venomous snake with a head at each end to more efficiently spread the powerful venom brewed in its body. That user of evil intoxication is powerful enough to hold a position opposite that of the god of alcohol.
Tlazolteotl 11 High A beautiful half-naked woman who is adorned with countless feathers that leave most of her brown skin exposed. The Aztecs knew her as an impure sexual demon of beauty and love, but also as a goddess who absorbed the malice and hatred from human souls and carried it in their stead. She changed from a young girl to an old woman with the waxing and waning of the moon, she devoured human sin, and she stood on the front line as a god of war. This many-faced goddess was said to be the death brought by lust and the mother of all things. She can fire a beam of what looks like concentrated moonlight.
Quetzalcoatl 12 Low The great feathered serpent that wraps around a great evil to endlessly create and destroy new worlds.
Yamata-no-Orochi 14 Middle A monstrous multi-headed serpent with green eyes, several dozen meters tall. A river, steel, and fire serpent, it can release a powerful beam of light rivaling a nuke in power.
Surtr N/A N/A A ten meter giant with crimson eyes wielding a burning magic sword.
Indra N/A N/A A great man with golden eyes who summons lightning with a vajra.
Erinyes N/A N/A Three red-eyed sisters known as goddesses of revenge
Tezcatlipoca N/A N/A A golden-eyed god of death known as the smoky mirror.
Hræsvelgr N/A N/A A giant bird that produces all the world’s winds.
Māui N/A N/A A hero who had fished up an island in the southern sea.

Other Divine-class summons include the four Archangels.


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