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I, Dire, will sink you into the depths of hell!
~ Dire


Dire is a minor character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part I: Phantom Blood. He is a disciple under the Ripple Master Tonpetty and is a very close friend of William Antonio Zeppeli. He aids Jonathan Joestar in his quest to defeat Dio Brando.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 8-B

Name: Dire

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part I: Phantom Blood)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Hamon User

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Martial Artist, Can use Hamon

Attack Potency: Likely City Block level+ (Briefly fought Jonathan; was also confident about battling Dio, but was defeated by a durability-ignoring ability)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Should be comparable to William Anthonio Zeppeli)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Likely City Block Class+

Durability: Likely City Block level+ (Took a headbutt from Jonathan)

Stamina: Extremely high (Even as a decapitated head, had the power to talk and spit thorns at Dio)

Range: Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Fairly intelligent, although nothing notable.

Weaknesses: Thunder (Cross) Split Attack leaves his guard open. Is too reliant of the attack.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Hamon/Ripple/Sendo: Hamon/the Ripple/Sendo is a form of energy that relies on breathing techniques to replicate the power of the Sun. It can be used to enhance physical attributes, heal wounds, and acts as both an offensive and defensive tool. Due to it's solar connection, it has an advantage over creatures weak to sunlight.
  • Thunder Split Attack: Dire jumps at his opponent, does a split with his legs that follows their arms, and quickly chops their neck. It is fast, but leaves Dire open for a counterattack.
    • Thunder Cross Split Attack: An advanced version of the Thunder Split Attack that covers its original weakness by making his hands form a cross. It's considered a perfect attack and is believed to be unbeatable... until Dire's encounter with Dio.


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