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Dimensions according to String Theory.


The official scientific definition of a Dimension is an axis of movement, such as height, length, and width.

For example, a point is 0-dimensional, a line is 1-dimensional, a plane is 2-dimensional, a cube is 3-dimensional, etc.

Time is generally considered to be the fourth dimension.

According to M-theory our multiverse is composed of 11 dimensions. According to Bosonic string theory there are 26 of them. And there are an infinite amount of dimensions within a Hilbert space.

According to infinity in projective geometry, and the properties of a Hausdorff dimension, each higher-dimensional space is a beyond countably infinite number of times greater/larger than the preceding number.

Important note:

Within this wiki it is not acceptable, and considered confusing, to use the term for anything other than spatial and temporal dimensions.

This includes inappropriately using it for universes, pocket universes, realms, worlds, or realities, etcetera.

Unfortunately, it is common within fiction, particularly North American superhero comicbooks, to misuse the term in such contexts.

Regardless, if you see it used in this manner, please help out to improve the wiki by changing it to an appropriate alternative. Thank you for the help.

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