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I just don't know what went wrong.
~ Derpy Hooves


Derpy is the most popular background character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, to the point where she has had major roles in the show. When she was a filly, Derpy was exceptionally talented, winning or placing very highly in several flying competitions above the likes of Spitfire, Lightning Dust and even Rainbow Dash, but as her eye issue worsened she became unable to keep up. She now works as a delivery mare.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C

Name: Derpy Hooves, Muffins, Ditzy Doo

Origin: My Little Pony

Gender: Female

Classification: Pegasus

Age: Late Teens to Early 20s.

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Weather Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Island level+ (Comparable to Rainbow Dash. Likely one of the ponies who helped overpower the winter clouds)

Speed: Relativistic (Was able to keep up with Lightning Dust, The Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash prior to eye issues. Rainbow Dash has shown to be able to consistently beat Alicorn Twilight in races)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Comparable to Rainbow Dash)

Striking Strength: At least Island Class+

Durability: At least Island level+

Stamina: Likely average

Range: A few feet with punches and kicks

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Is very oblivious and clueless, has an eye problem that makes her unable to see straight.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: None notable


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