The DNA of a space virus underwent a sudden mutation upon exposure to a laser beam and resulted in Deoxys. The crystalline organ on this Pokémon's chest appears to be its brain.
~ Pokédex, Pokémon Ruby


Deoxys is a Legendary Psychic Type Pokémon. Originally a mere space virus, exposure to unknown beams of energy mutated it into its current form. It was an event-exclusive Pokémon in its original appearances, but takes the center stage as the final foe of the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B

Name: Deoxys

Origin: Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Varies

Classification: Mutated Alien Virus, Legendary Pokémon, DNA Pokémon, Grand Meteor Delta, Organism No. 1, Organism No. 2

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Psychic Abilities (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Teleportation, Flight), Electricity Manipulation, Afterimage Creation, Energy Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Adaptive Transformation, Healing, Body Control, Possession, Power Nullification, BFR, Duplication, Enhanced Senses, Magnetism Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Attack Reflection, Invisibility, Portal Creation, Precognition, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Can create Auroras, Can survive in the vacuum of space, Can manipulate its cellular structure to absorb attacksResistance to Fighting and Psychic Type moves, Regeneration (High-Mid; can regenerate from its core), Immortality (Types 1 & 3), Paralysis Inducement, Statistics Reduction, Darkness Manipulation, Homing Attack

Attack Potency: Planet level (Fought Mewtwo and Mega Rayquaza. Controls Grand Meteor Delta)

Speed: At least Sub-Relativistic, likely higher

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Planet Class

Durability: Planet level

Stamina: Very high (Able to use extremely powerful techniques without noticeable exhaustion and it can directly fight against even other Legendary Pokémon, such as Rayquaza)

Range: Extended melee range. Planetary with certain moves of various types.

Standard Equipment: Never-Melt Ice (Boosts the power of Deoxys's Ice-type moves by 20%), Petaya Berry (Boosts Deoxys's special attack when eaten), Ganlon Berry (Boosts Deoxys's defense when eaten), Life Orb (Boosts Deoxys's overall power by 1.3x at the cost of 10% of Deoxys's maximum health)

Intelligence: Extremely high

Weaknesses: It is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Bug Type moves. While its different Formes raise certain attributes, they also lower other ones, as the Attack Forme lowers durability, the Defense Forme lowers attack potency and the Speed Forme lowers both attack potency and durability albeit not to the extent the Attack Forme and Defense Forme lower their individual attributes; in Normal Forme stats are pretty well-balanced. Its brain (the purple crystal in its chest) is exposed. Life Orb causes 10% recoil with every successful offensive attack.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Pressure: Deoxys's power exerts a certain amount of psychological pressure on its foes, causing their stamina to wane more quickly.


  • Hyper Beam: Deoxys fires an energy beam of pure destruction at its targets. It may have to recharge afterwards.
  • Psycho Boost: Deoxys's signature move. Deoxys fires an extremely powerful psychic energy sphere at the foe.
  • Extreme Speed: Deoxys can move at very high speeds to strike the foe before they can even properly react under normal circumstances.
  • Zap Cannon: Deoxys fires a very powerful, electric projectile sphere at the foes, ensuring that they are also suffering paralysis.
  • Protect: Deoxys creates a virtually impenetrable force field that defends it from virtually any attack.
  • Night Shade: Deoxys fires a black beam of energy with a red or purple outline at the foes.
  • Psychic: Deoxys uses strong psychokinesis to use for offensive, defensive, and supplementary means, such as lifting target in question or simply blasting them. It may also lower their special defense.
  • Double Team: Deoxys can create illusory copies of itself. This also raises its evasiveness.
  • Recover: Deoxys regenerates from virtually any damage, including its whole body.
  • Teleport: Deoxys can teleport itself to escape from the battle and move around the battlefield.
  • Reflect: Deoxys sets up a psychic barrier around itself and its allies that halves the power of physically based attacks.
  • Light Screen: Deoxys sets up a psychic screen around itself and its allies that halves the damage of special attacks.
  • Safeguard: Deoxys creates a green barrier that prevents almost anything or anyone from reaching it. Also protects it and its allies from status conditions.
  • Giga Impact: Basically the physical equivalent to Hyper Beam. Deoxys violently tackles the opponents.
  • Iron Defense: Deoxys coats itself in a layer of metal, presumably iron, to boost its Defense stat.
  • Leer: Deoxys leers at the opponent lowering their Defense.
  • Skill Swap: Using its psychic power Deoxys swaps Abilities with the opponent.
  • Wrap: Deoxys wraps the opponent with its tentacles and constricts them dealing damage over time while they are wrapped.
  • Knock Off: Deoxys slaps the opponent to knock off their item. Its power doubles if the opponent does indeed have an item that can be knocked off.
  • Pursuit: Deoxys attacks the opponent with a dark attack that doubles in power should they try to escape.
  • Snatch: Deoxys steals the opponent's intended move if its either a healing move like Recover or a stat boosting move like Swords Dance and uses it itself.
  • Psycho Shift: If Deoxys has a status condition it can transfer it to opponent using its psychic power.
  • Cosmic Power: Deoxys absorbs a power from space to boost its defense and special defense.
  • Zen Headbutt: Deoxys focuses some psychic power into its head and then headbutts the opponent. This may also cause them to flinch.
  • Taunt: Deoxys taunts the opponent which only allows them to use offensive attacks.
  • Spikes: Deoxys layers the ground with up to three layers of spikes that damage any who enter or reenter the fight unless they are in the air when they come in.
  • Amnesia: Deoxys temporarily empties its mind to boost its special defense.
  • Counter: Deoxys reflects any physically based attacks back at the opponent.
  • Mirror Coat: Deoxys reflects any special attacks back at the opponent.
  • Swift: Deoxys fires a series of nearly undodgable stars at the opponent.
  • Agility: Deoxys lightens and relaxes its body to boost its speed.
  • Superpower: Deoxys attacks the opponent with extreme physical force. This lowers its attacks and defense afterwards however.
  • Detect: Deoxys sees its opponent's next move and dodges it.


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