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This could only be the work of... FAIRY GODPARENTS!
~ Crocker's usual response to magical activity


Denzel Quincy Crocker is Timmy Turner's mentally unstable school teacher and his most recurring foe. Crocker once had Timmy's fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, as a child, but inadvertently lost them after an incident in the March of 1972. Due to lingering memories of his time with them, Crocker is obsessed with proving the existence of Fairy Godparents, which has led to conflict with Timmy on numerous occasions.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B, higher with weaponry | 3-A with Reality Warping

Name: Crocker, Mr. Crocker

Origin: The Fairly Oddparents

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Classification: Human Teacher | Dictator

Powers and Abilities: Weapon MasteryEnergy Manipulation, Can block Mind Manipulation, Can drain magic with numerous gadgets | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality WarpingTime ManipulationFlight, Teleportation, ShapeshiftingImmortalityRegenerationForcefield Creation, Can create dimensional portals

Attack Potency: Human level, higher with weaponry | Universe level with Reality Warping (Captured both Cosmo and Wanda in his scepter and was capable of unleashing their power)

Speed: Normal Human | Normal Human speed with Subsonic flight speed 

Lifting Strength: Below average | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Human Class | Unknown

Durability: Human level | Building levelCity Block level with forcefield

Stamina: Average | Very High

Range: Standard melee range, higher with weaponry | Universal

Standard Equipment: Weapons and inventions | A scepter

Intelligence: Crocker's obsession with Fairy Godparents has left him unhinged, devoting every second he can to finding, capturing, and proving their existence. This has made him an expert on the magical world, regularly utilizing their weakness against butterfly nets and developing numerous gadgets to hunt them down and drain their powers with a meager budget. However, this obsession has also left him socially inept, irritable, impatient, and clumsy, leading to his defeat on various occasions.

Weaknesses: Crocker is mentally unstable due to his constant obsession of fairies, Crocker is clumsy, irritable, and impatient, He is often arrogant and short-sighted when he has the upper hand | Cannot break Da Rules, cannot use magic without his scepter, his magic does not work on beings who are stronger than him, and he tends to be overconfident

Key: Base | Dictator Crocker


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