Delsin Rowe


Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist of InFAMOUS Second Son.

He is part of the Akomish tribe that Brooke Augustine victimized for the sake of justice. Now with his people in danger of dying and given newfound powers, Delsin tasks himself to hunt down Augustine for the sake of saving his people. Whether he chooses to become a hero or a villain, or whatever the fate of Seattle would end up as, it is all up to the player.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A, higher with Rage Empowerment

Name: Delsin Rowe, Smoke Man, Banner Man, The Terrorist, Bioterrorist

Origin: Infamous

Gender: Male

Age: In his early 20s

Classification: Human Conduit, Hero/Villain

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsSkilled Hand-to-Hand CombatantRegeneration (Mid-Low, Low-Mid via absorbing energy), Enhanced Senses, Energy/Aura sensing, Smoke Manipulation, Summoning, Invisibility,, Can glide through the air/Flight, Can absorb and copy the powers of people with the Conduit gene, Rage Power, Immunity to Disease/Sickness, Concrete Manipulation, Neon Manipulation, Video Manipulation, Can see events from the past when absorbing a Conduit's powers

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (Can easily destroy a building with a Karma Bomb, sunk Augustine's mini-island made of concrete while angry over the death of his brother, Conduits get stronger over time when exposed to Blast Cores/Core Relays, comparable to Abigail Walker), higher with Rage Empowerment

Speed: Relativistic+ speed and reactions (Casual bullet timer, can react to and control his movements while moving at light speed, comparable to Abigail Walker), higher with Laser Focus (Slows down his perception of time). Speed of Light travel speed (Can turn into neon lights and travel through radio waves)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (Lifted a car off his brother after his powers had just awoken, Easily tears through chain link defenses), higher with Strength of Granite.

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class (Slammed into Augustine's island hard enough to sink it, comparable to Abigail Walker), higher with Strength of Granite

Durability: Multi-City Block level, (can survive attacks from opponents on his level) higher with Strength of Granite

Stamina: Superhuman, nearly limitless if energy can be absorbed.

Range: Extended melee range with a chain, thousands of meters with superpowers.

Standard Equipment: A cellphone with a GPS. Has been customized to allow him to track signals and enemies. A chain for melee combat. Spray paint cans for graffiti.

Intelligence: Capable of figuring out weaknesses in a fight and adapting on the fray. Figured out Augustine's plan despite being only given minor details.

Weaknesses: When he acquires a new power, he is unable to switch to his other powers until he develops his proficiency with said new power. Delsin cannot switch powers on a whim; he must switch powers by absorbing energy from a different power source. For example, if Delsin currently has Smoke but wants to use Neon, he must absorb Neon to replace it. For this same reason, he can't use multiple powers at once. Also, reliant on outside sources to recharge.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Delsin is a rare conduit. Unlike most conduits that have naturally existing abilities based on elements and telekinesis, Delsin has the ability to copy the ability of others. He discovered this ability on a timely encounter with Hank, a prisoner who was escaping the government organization called D.U.P. From here on he unlocks many more abilities in the hopes of defeating Augustine.

  • Power Absorption and Limited Telepathic Perception: As it says Delsin has the ability to copy the abilities of other conduits that he makes contact with. The prerequisite being that he holds their body long enough for the gene transfer. With this ability, Delsin has become one of the most versatile and powerful conduits in his franchise. This ability, however, cannot work on conduits that are limited in power and are artificially created. However, he is still limited by which ability he uses at the time.
    • Smoke Manipulation: Delsin's first power absorbed is the ability to manipulate smoke and embers. Similar to Cole MacGrath Delsin has the capacity to absorb an element and weaponize it in various fashion. Whether be it to shoot smoke out of his fingers, compress it into a grenade or rocket like attack, imbue a weapon with flames and cinders, or to simply blast out smoke continuously, these are all within his capacity. He can also turn into particles of smoke being able to perform dashes that almost seem like teleportation. With this smoke dash, he could easily move around the battlefield in short yet quick bursts, perfect for confusing the enemy. With this power in use, Delsin is much more resistant to gaseous attacks.
      • Karma Bomb - Orbital Drop: Delsin's strongest ability with Smoke. With this ability Delsin propels himself upwards, reaching high elevations in a matter of seconds. Afterwards, he begins to drop towards the ground turning into something akin to a meteor. The moment he lands on the ground, an explosion wipes out everything within the vicinity, destroying vehicles and either disintegrating or restraining enemies. This was enough to cause Augustine's island to start crumbling and can typically take out almost all enemies.
    • Neon Manipulation: Soon after in the game Delsin unlocks his second ability. From Abigail Walker he unlocked the ability to manipulate neon particles. With it, he is able to use the hypercharged photons as an attack. Taking in the energy from neon signs, Delsin is able to shoot out charged Neon lasers from his hands. With this powerset the conduit becomes focused on accuracy and aiming at enemy weaknesses. Delsin can also trap enemies in stasis, make them float, vaporize them, concussive blasts and lasers that go through people. Using on himself Delsin can also move faster than before, hypercharge his own reactions, discover enemy weak spots to shoot at, and turn to neon particles just like with his smoke manipulation. He can also turn his set of chains into something akin to a rubbery lightsaber for melee encounters.
      • Karma Bomb - Radiant Sweep: With the power of Neon Delsin shows the ability to manipulate the gravity of his enemies with a blast. Lifting them as he turn into neon particles, he supercharges his hands and shoots out a barrage of bolts forward repeatedly. The moment he finishes, enemies are either left vaporized or restrained.
    • Video Manipulation: Delsin's third ability that he absorbed is the power to manipulate Video Particles from the conduit Eugene Sims. With this in hand Delsin can drain hrdlight particles from monitors, screens, satellite dishes, and more. Although the exact mechanisms of this ability is much more different and complex than the previous abilities, it's used in the same fashion. He could shoot out a stream of pixelated projectiles as fast as miniguns or pixelated rockets that home in on targets and can easily take out armored choppers made to handle conduit bioterrorists. Delsin can also become invisible with this ability, dash around at high burst speed and flight with angel or demon wings. He can also summon allies, namely angels or demons made out of the exact same particles. They can act and move by themselves, flying around the environment and are capable of being fighters or acting as demons. As before Delsin can create a melee weapon which is either a large bright blue greatsword, or two sets of red claws. Potentially Delsin can develop the ability to do what Eugene does and shapeshift himself fully into a giant monster, and even enter pixelated worlds.
      • Karma Bomb - Hellfire Swarm: In this Karma Bomb, Delsin lifts up his arms and summons either an army of angels or an army of demons. However they aren't simply summoned, even if logically Delsin can simply summon them. They instead dive bomb the enemy carpet bombing the area. If focused enough Delsin could deal enough to sink a large man-made island with this ability.
    • Concrete Manipulation: The last power Delsin gets, which is absorbed from Brooke Augustine, gaining her unique ability to manipulate Concrete. Delsin can drain this power from any down members of the D.U.P. he comes across. What also makes concrete separate itself from the other powers is that while using it, Delsin automatically takes less damage from enemy fire. While using the power he can shoot out a shrapnel of concrete in a burst fire manner. Delsin can also fire off slabs of concrete, very similar to one of Augustine's attacks and those used by the weaponless DUP soldiers. Like Video, Delsin doesn’t seem to use the chain either when using concrete. Instead, Delsin smashes his hand on the ground, creating a miniature tremor that knocks enemies back. When dashing Delsin is covered in concrete wearing it like armor, making himself a living boulder. Delsin can also travel around using concrete thrusters, similar to Cole’s Static Thrusters, where stones are surrounded under him. Every time the thrusters are used, they initially lift him higher in the air, causing him to glide even farther. Surprisingly, out of all the current power sets (Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete) Concrete is the only one that doesn’t have a Karma Bomb for some odd reason, this may be due to the Karma Bomb requiring another Blast Core Relay which he was unable to obtain. He can also use a miniature boost to push himself into the air which leaves no trace of damage from the launching point, unlike the DUP Knights' ability. When used while climbing a building Delsin will simply Launch himself vertically up it.

Basic Conduit Abilities

  • Strength over time: The same for all conduits, their bodies become stronger and stronger as time passes. Whether it's physical traits or mental capabilities this applies to all of them.
  • Enhanced Strength: Like all Major Conduits, Delsin has enhanced strength. An example sees Delsin effortlessly pulls his brother's arm off of Abigail Walker, to the point where Reggie shows physical pain. He was also able to effortlessly pull off a chainlink door off a cage. By scaling to 'primary conduits' he should be able to lift Metal Beams like Cole too. His strength also shows as he could harm armored conduits that are using a combination of body armor and concrete to protect themselves.
  • Enhanced Durability: Delsin is able to fall from relatively high distances and land unharmed. He has also been shown to be able to withstand numerous gunshots while showing only slight discomfort. By scaling to 'primary conduits' being run over by a freight truck even before he unlocked his powers should be nothing too threatening for him.
  • Enhanced Natural Healing Delsin is stated to be able to quickly heal from sustained wounds. Upon unlocking his powers he was tortured to the point of being knocked out. He awakes a week after to find out that the concrete shards in his legs disappeared. A few days after, he was shot twice but he seemed more surprised than damaged. As long as he isn't damaged too much he'll recover.


  • Parkour Skills: Delsin is physically able to climb up any kind of buildings, having the same free running and parkour abilities as Cole. He is described as not being a very experienced climber, but if he sees something he can climb, there's nothing stopping him from trying. Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman has gone on record saying that Delsin can parkour two times faster than Cole. He showcases this ability even further by scaling the Space Needle with minimal use of his powers
  • Spray Paint Skills: Throughout the progression of the game, Delsin has shown to be a competent spray painter. He paints on various walls and surfaces to mark his presence within Seattle and drive out the D.U.P. In the Good Karma ending, he completely paints over the billboard of Reggie that he vandalized at the beginning of the game as a memorial to Reggie, complete with a portrait of the two brothers together. In terms of combat though, this would be more effective as a distraction or as ways to taunt an opponent


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