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"Slade Wilson (born 1968), codenamed Deathstroke by A.R.G.U.S., is a former member of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service/ASIS unit, the secret mastermind behind the Church of Blood, which he used to recruit individuals for his army, and the mentor-turned-archenemy of Oliver Queen. Slade is also the father of the late Joe Wilson, the potential father of Grant Wilson, and was also very close to Shado before her death, and he was secretly in love with her despite her affections for Oliver.

Slade was initially an ally of Oliver on the island, where he taught the shipwrecked playboy the majority of his combat skills (which he would later utilize in his crusade as the Arrow). Slade was later injected with an experimental Mirakuru serum after a near-fatal accident, and embarked on a crusade of vengeance against Anthony Ivo for killing Shado. Slade swore vengeance against Oliver as well upon learning that he chose to save Sara Lance over Shado, a woman he supposedly loved. During a climactic battle aboard the Amazo, Oliver presumably killed Slade after stabbing an arrow into his right eye. However, Slade survived and returned five years later as the mercenary "Deathstroke", with the intention of taking away everything and everyone Oliver held dear as vengeance for the events that transpired on Lian Yu. Working with Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev, Slade gathered an army and launched an all-out assault on Starling City, murdering Moira Queen in his blood lust. However, his plan ultimately failed, as he was cured of the Mirakuru and subsequently imprisoned in an A.R.G.U.S. facility back on Lian Yu, where he currently remains.

In one potential timeline, Slade eventually escaped Lian Yu, and fathered a son named Grant Wilson, who would take up his father's mantle as Deathstroke." (

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | 9-A

Name: Slade Wilson aka "Deathstroke"

Origin: Arrowverse (CW)

Gender: Male

Classification: Mercenary, former ASIS agent

Age: 46

Powers and Abilities: Low Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, expert hand to hand combatant and swordsman, stick fighting | All stats enhanced to Superhuman level, Regeneration (Mid-Low)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Comparable to Green Arrow) | Small Building level (He’s stronger than Roy who can tear a hole in reinforced containers which can no sell Ollie's explosive arrows)

Speed: Subsonic reactions and combat speed (Fought on par with Billy Wintergreen who can catch an arrow at point blank) | Subsonic+ (Casually deflect arrows with his sword)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Small Building Class

Durability: Wall level (Should be comparable to Oliver who survived hits from Mirakuru soldiers) | Small Building level (No sold Roy’s punch, took two explosive arrows point blank and survived)

StaminaPeak Human | Superhuman

Range: Dozens of meters with a handgun

Standard Equipment: Deathstroke costume (with a body armor) and mask, sword, sidearm.

IntelligenceHigh, Master strategist.

Note: Base | With Mirakuru


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