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In the far future of the Utopian Crystal Tokyo, an human incarnation of Chaos named Death Phantom acquired psychic powers and used them to terrorize the city. He was defeated by Neo-Queen Serenity, who banished him to spent the rest of his life on the phantom planet of Nemesis. But upon his death, Death Phantom's consciousness and evil will integrated into Nemesis and made it into his new vessel.

Having his original and decayed body serve as a puppet body to act through under the guise of Wiseman, Death Phantom manipulated the anarchist members of the Black Moon Clan into using fragments of his Malefic Black Crystal to enact their desire to wipe out the White Moon as only Serenity's Legendary Silver Crystal was a threat to him. Ultimately, Death Phantom's true identity is revealed and he is obliterated by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies from High 4-C to possibly Unknown. 4-B during his fight with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon

Name: Death Phantom, Wiseman, Planet Nemesis

Origin: Sailor Moon

Gender: Male

Age: Exists outside Space-time

Classification: Chaos-Spawn, Human (former), Advisor to the Black Moon Clan, Living Planet

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, "Black Hole Like Composition" (Death Phantom is a spirit possessing the Planet Nemesis as his body. He warped the planet into acting like a Black Hole, being invisible to the naked eye, sucking up matter and energy to grow, warping space-time etc. but does not have any normal singularity), Planet Physiology, Energy Manipulation (Death Phantom can produce "negative energy" which cancels out positive energy. Planet Nemesis drains energy from those nearby it. He can actively convert light and energy into his own negative energy as well.), Energy Projection, Matter Manipulation (Death Phantom can decay matter and can fade even planets out of existence.), Transmutation, Space-Time Manipulation (Warps his local space-time on a highly drastic level, can easily create rips in space-time, can Time Travel via such methods, can affect anywhere in the space-time continuum, his negative energy can mess up apparently the entirety of the space-time continuum), Teleportation (Can travel through alternate dimensions to teleport at will), Illusion Creation (Death Phantom can go so far as to create entire illusory copies of himself, complete with at least many of his abilities), Mind Manipulation (Can brainwash people, and can also corrupt them into evil versions of themselves), Can cause paralysis at will, Intangibility, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 4 & 7), Existence Erasure, Can Create Shards of the Evil Black Crystal, Earth Manipulation (Can Manipulate Large Crystal Shards, and in particular can utilize shards of the Jakokushishou to great effect), Air Manipulation (Can use Evil Black Crystal Shards to create poisonous mists), Reality Warping (Can affect intangible things like King Endymion's Spiritual Projection like they were made of matter), Genius Intelligence, Magic, Can sprout extending flexible arms

Attack Potency: Varies from Large Star level to possibly Unknown depending on what size he has attained. Solar System level during his battle with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon (Was large enough to envelop the Solar System)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Warps space-time such that one can travel 900 years into the future or the past without time traveling, can instantly travel via alternate dimensions, exists at the end of space-time)

Lifting Strength: Ranges from Class Z to possibly Unknown. Stellar+ during his fight with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

Striking Strength: Does not really have hands as Planet Nemesis. Theoretically Large Star Class to Unknown by ramming with his planetary body depending on how much mass-energy he has absorbed. Solar System Class through ramming during his battle with the Sailor Senshi.

Durability: Varies from Large Star level to possibly Unknown depending on what size he has attained. Solar System level during his battle with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon (Was large enough to envelop the Solar System)

Stamina: Infinite. Produces his own energy.

Range: Universal+ (Can affect the entire space-time continuum)

Standard Equipment: Malefic Black Crystal

Intelligence: Supergenius (Was able to manipulate all of the Black Moon Clan), has a nigh-omniscient understanding of the space-time continuum

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Evil Sight: An ability from when Death Phantom was human. It was primarily used to control others or paralyze them, affect any who see it only once and multiple people. But it is ineffective against others with the same ability. It also can create energy beams powerful enough to one-shot beings with Large Star level durability.
  • Beast Hands: An ability from when Death Phantom was human, turning his arms into elastic claws that can quickly drain the energy of a person and easily kill a being with Large Star level durability.
  • Power Bestowment: Recruiting the Black Moon, Death Phantom displayed his ability to enact a member to gain one of the abilities he had as a human.
  • Malefic Black Crystal: The Malefic Black Crystal is a mineral created on Nemesis, a tiny shard of it able to distort spacetime and decrease the energy of its surroundings down so that it has negative radiation and luminescence. The explosion caused by Malefic Black Crystal is powerful enough to threaten Large Star level beings.
    • It can also create Tower-Sized Pillars of Malefic Black Crystal that ravaged Crystal Tokyo upon impact, slowly erases things from existence. The addition of other such crystal monoliths can hasten the process.

Note: Death Phantom's power grows as his "Black Hole Like" planetary body absorbs matter and energy. At his weakest his planet was an entirely mundane sized planet. However at his maximum, he would have absorbed the entire space-time continuum into a giant black hole singularity. However, his strongest seen form was his form shown at the end of the second arc during his battle with Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. At that point, his planetary body was large enough to envelop the entire Solar System.



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