Death Manipulation - the ability to enable and manipulate factors aspects are somehow connected with death. This includes as a special magic, and narrowly focused conceptual manipulation.


  • Necromancy - Manage dead bodies and souls, as well as the transformation of the living in the lifeless through biological manipulation or appropriate magic. These include uplifting the undead, and the imposition of all sorts of curses or spells (associated with death).
  • Manipulation causes of death - allows you to change the cause of death targets, as well as manipulating the chain of events shifted the date of death closer to or farther along the time line. In some cases, even make it possible to manipulate the instantaneous realization of certain scenarios of death in the selected destination or purpose.
  • The manipulation of information - the presentation of reality as an information array status of all objects also become a data set. And the status of "live / dead" is no exception. Therefore, due to the manipulation of information can be easily switched target in a state of "dead", it needs to change just one number, which does not require any special time and effort.
  • The manipulation of the concept of death - the death of the manipulation, as a concept, open wide opportunities. With this, you can instantly both kill an object and on the contrary, make it immortal, depriving it of the concept of death. In addition, you can kill even conceptually immortal beings, if your concept is stronger than the concept of a target.


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