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The Daleks are a race of extraterrestrial aliens in Doctor Who. They were engineered by the scientist Davros during the final years of a thousand-year war between his people, the Kaleds, and their enemies the Thals. With some Kaleds already badly mutated and damaged by nuclear war, Davros genetically modified the Kaleds and integrated them with a tank-like, robotic shell, removing their every emotion apart from hate. His creations soon came to view themselves as the supreme race in the universe, intent on purging the universe of all non-Dalek life. Collectively they are the greatest enemies of Doctor Who's protagonist, the Time Lord known as The Doctor. Later on, the Daleks acquired time travel technology and engaged the Time Lords in a brutal Time War affecting most of the universe, with battles taking place across all of history.

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Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A (Post-time war Daleks and Dalek puppets), 8-C as Paradigm Daleks. 7-B at full power | Likely 5-B | High 4-C | Likely High 4-C | 4-B to 4-A | At least 3-C, possibly 3-A. 2-A via chain reaction, possibly High 1-C | High 1-C

Name: Daleks

Origin: Doctor Who

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Classification: Artificial life-forms of pure hatred, Dalek Empire, creations of Davros

Powers and Abilities: Dalek Gunstick, can extract life with plunger, disintegration, Time Travel, Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Flight, Hacking, Forcefields, Absorption, Energy Manipulation. Biological Manipulation (Using the touch of a time traveller to restore the Dalek, although, this does cause mutation), Regeneration (Low-Mid, by harnessing enough energy, a Dalek was able to overcome falling from space, being burnt in a crater for days and torture), Nanotechnology that helps Daleks adapt against weapons and diseases, can manipulate neutrinos, photons, protons, anti-matter, and neutrons, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Their engines could create tiny space-time continuums), Can fight and exist in the void

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Dalek puppets are comparable to the post-time war Daleks who can incarcerate a house), Building level (Paradigm Daleks can disintegrate the lesser models), City level at full power (Could atomize people and even gold plating, but they choose to dial down so the victim can feel pain) | Likely Planet level for Pre-Time War Daleks (They have weapons that can crack a planet like an egg, that can conver the crust of a planet into plasma, and annihilate planets) | Large Star level (Their weapons could easily break TARDISes, were going to launch planets at 50c towards Galifrey) | Likely Large Star level (It has been stated that the Daleks have destroyed a million stars) | Solar System to Multi Solar System level for Neutron Strikes(Could disable star systems across many light years and convert stars into Neutron Stars) | At least Galaxy level, possibly Universe level (With the Apocalypse Element). Multiverse level+ (Via chain reaction by setting off a bomb in the Medusa cascade), possibly High Complex Multiverse level (With a DARDIS core. However, this cannot be used for regular offensive purposes) | High Complex Multiverse level with the Eye of Harmony

Speed: Below Average Human on ground, Unknown with flight | Unknown | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Varies (For Dalek puppets, as it depends on what has been converted) At least Small Building level | At least City Block level level with shielding (A Dalek was blasted through the fires of the Time Vortex onto earth at the speed of a meteor and survived, albeit heavily damaged) | At least Planet level | High Complex Multiverse level (Stole the technology to create 10-D Transduction barriers)

Stamina: High

Range: Tens of meters (several dozens) | Universal | Multiversal+

Notable Equipment, Weapons, and Abilities:

  • Dalek Battle Tank: The main battle suits used by the daleks
    • Gunsticks: An energy weapon used by most Daleks as their primary offense. This weapon often caused its victims to feel immense pain just before they die, but can be dialed up to atomize people.
    • Life Extraction: A technique used to gain information from an enemy by scanning brainwaves with a Daleks manipulator arm. This process would kill the victim.
    • Information Extraction: Daleks are able to hack and take in information. A single dalek took in the entire internet, worth hundreds of exabytes, in seconds
    • Emergency Temporal Rift (Space-Time Teleport): This process would teleport a Dalek to a random location in time and space although it would use up a lot of power to do this.
    • War Computer: A memory cell in which the Dalek stores war knowledge, containing every fighting maneuver or dangerous situation known to Dalek. It can select a course of action in micro-seconds.
  • Ship Technology
    • Planet-Splitter: A missile that causes mass destruction and splits a planet in half in seconds
    • Neutron Strikes: Weapons that shoot ionized particles which cause all stars across light years to be disrupted, and possibly collapse into black holes. Used to turn stars into neutron stars.
    • Planetary Movement: With the Magnetron Daleks managed to move earth and several dozen other planets across time and space to one point in space where they can be used to power the reality bomb.
      • They planned on launching thousands of planets at velocities 50x faster than light at Galifrey.
    • Photon Impellers: Weapons able to conver the crust of a planet into ionized plasma very quickly
    • Dark Matter Bombs: Bombs that use dark energy which can destabilize black holes
    • Void Ships: Ships used to stay in the void, they also have technology to wage wars in the void
  • Other Technologies
    • Dalek Puppets: Dalek puppets are genetically mutated beings. They can be changed from any being (Living or dead). They think they are normal people, up until they are activated.
    • Oblivion Continuum Self destruct bombs that shatter planets so thoroughly that the planet bleeds into another realm
    • The Reality Bomb: This bomb works by cancelling out the electrical field holding atoms together, and was capable of wiping out the entire universe and all of creation, except for those within or near the Crucible, fulfilling the Daleks' stated goal of wiping out all other life in the universe many times over. Once the weapon penetrated the time rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade, it would spread into every parallel universe and alternate dimension (even the Void) as well.

Intelligence: Supergenius as a race (Has created technology on par with the Time Lords) and per each individual (They could calculate millions of calculations in a mere seconds, and have internal systems which let them identify weapons and lifeforms in nanoseconds)

Weaknesses: Some weapons can destroy them. Concentrated fire on the eyestalk can blind a Dalek's vision. With exclusion to the Cult of Skaro, they lack much creativity.

Notable Individuals:

Key: Pre-Timewar Daleks | Time War Daleks | New Dalek Paradigm | Dalek Warships | With Technology


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Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack - 23 The Dark and Endless Dalek Night

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