Daizaemon Kaze

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-B | At least 8-C

Name: Daizaemon Kaze/Muscle Rider

Origin: Gantz

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-late twenties

Classification: Human Alien-Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human attributes with superhuman strength and stamina, highly skilled martial artist, Invisibility (When wearing the Gantz suit)

Attack Potency: Likely Wall level (he was not only capable enough to punch Velociraptor's to death, but was also able to briefly contend with Kei Kurono whilst he was in the Gantz suit) | At least Building level (Is regarded to be the strongest member in the Gantz team)

Speed: Likely Subsonic (was able to dodge punches from Kei Kurono whilst he was in Gantz suit) | Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class 30+

Striking Strength: Likely Wall Class (Able to punch dinosaurs to death and sent Kei Kurono whilst in his Gantz suit flying with his signature attack) | At least Building Class

Durability: Likely Wall level | At least Building level

Stamina: Superhuman (able to fight several aliens/dinosaurs without his Gantz suit and able to continue fighting after amassing extraordinary injuries) | Superhuman, able to fight even longer

Range: Varies, depends on the weapon used

Standard Equipment: Gantz guns (comes in variations of rifle and handguns), Gantz cycle, Gantz sword and Gantz suit. More details:

Intelligence: Average; is a highly skilled combatant and incredibly powerful Bajiquan martial artist. When he was introduced to Gantz, he defeated several Dinosaurs and even the Kappe alien, who's body was said to be as hard as steel, without a suit and with only his bare hands, despite his large muscles even the notoriously agile Kei had trouble attacking him when they first met, and Kei even used his suit. he doesn't seem to be academically smart, though.

Weaknesses: Usually doesn't like to use Gantz weaponry | After sustaining enough damage their suit powers down. They're still able to use super strength and super speed, but they'll be susceptible to hits and have normal human durability

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Tetsuzankou - "Back Attack": An attack in which he thrusts his back against his enemies with incredible force, often sending them flying.

Key: Base | Gantz Suit


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