Doom4 Codex Chainsaw
A Chainsaw! Find some meat!
~ Doomguy


The Chainsaw is a prominent weapon found in every DOOM game- and for good reason at that. It has instant killed every enemy it has been used against- however, the more durable that foe is, the more fuel it consumes. It is vastly superior to our own chainsaws in the real world. It is speculated that it could use diamond-tipped blades, as otherwise there is no explanation for its being on Mars- there is no plant life but plenty of rocks to cut.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A

Name: Chainsaw, DOOM Chainsaw, Doomsaw

Origin: DOOM

Classification: Demon-Killing Power Tool

Prerequisites: Fuel and basic knowledge of mechanical tools

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Can kill a Baron of Hell or a Cacodemon in one slash)

Speed: Supersonic+ (525 attacks per minute makes it quadruple the fist attacking speed in the original Doom; considering Doomguy can move at 295 m/s when using his outrunning an RPG feat, this means the chainsaw blade moves at 1180m/s, or Mach 3.4)

Wielders: Doomguy

Range: Extended melee (1m or so, more with a lunge)

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