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The Cybermen first originated on the planet Mondas (Earth's twin planet) and were once organic humanoids. The people sought to survive by converting themselves into cyborgs so that they could live forever, in turn assimilating all other humanoid life forms they encounter by force. The Cybermen from a parallel Earth originated from a man call John Lumic as a means to render humanity immortal. After a few of these Cybermen from the parallel universe crossed the void to the main universe, it is assumed that they met the Cybermen of Mondas and joined forces into the current version of the Cybermen that waged war against the universe in the mid-23rd century.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B

Classification: Cybermen

Origin: Doctor Who

Gender: Unclassified

Age: Depends on the version and moment in the universe's timeline.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics ,Generates electricity, resistant to gunfire, sometimes upgrades itself (takes time), Mk7 Cybermen of the distant future can upgrade themselves in a matter of seconds. The Mk7 Cybermen are capable of Flight and have shown Resistance to electricity based attacks.

Attack Potency: At least Wall level

Speed: Below Average Human to Normal Human (Have been seen just marching in some episodes.), Subsonic+ flight speed

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: At least Wall level (higher through upgrading)

Stamina: High.

Standard Equipment: Cybermats, laser guns, Cybermites, Sleeper Darts.

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent (Function on a hive mentality)


  • Upgrading: The mk7 Cybermen of the post Cyber-Wars have shown a tendency to develop an immunity to certain attacks/weapons used against them numerous times. That upgrade is then patched to all other Cybermen.
  • Cybermats: Silverfish-shaped cyborgs that are rodent sized and used the Cybermen as advance guards, plague carriers and energy thieves.
    • Cybermites: Cybermites are insect like creatures created a millennia after the Cyber Wars ended. They are designed to harvest any salvable material and use it to partially convert victims.
  • Stealth: Cybermen usually make a loud noise when marching towards foes, however it seems that they can put their boots on silent.
  • Independent Body Parts: If a Cyberman was to have its head or arm detached, it would still be able to operate that part of the body. Even the main body itself can operate with a head.
  • Sleeper Darts: Even when the head is detached from the main body, it can shoot sleeper darts at foes.

Weaknesses: Some weapons can destroy them (including a Dalek's laser), with earlier models effected by any contact with gold or cleaning liquids. Can be outsmarted by more intelligent opponents. Fire and heat may melt the exoskeleton. In 'Death In Heaven' it is shown that Cybermen can be controlled using a remote controller. Cybermen are unable to feel emotions due to an emotional inhibitor which keeps the organic brain from going insane and causing the Cyberman's body to self destruct from emotional overload.


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