Craniamon is a Holy Knight Digimon whose names are derived from "cranium" or "cranial", and whose design is derived from the mythological Dullahan. One of the "Royal Knights", it is the one that best understands decorum. It is a perfectionist, and competes with the other Royal Knights for the top two mission completion rates for Yggdrasil's orders. When fighting with an opponent, its policy is always to defeat it with one-on-one combat, and if the opponent is a formidable enemy, its delight is supreme. Craniamon's armor had its code modified by Yggdrasil, and was changed into Black Digizoid. It has become possible for it to generate its "Duo Solar Spear" (Claíomh Solais) and "Omni Shield" (Avalon) from its armor by accessing its data.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-A | At least 2-A, likely High 2-A

Name:  Craniamon/Craniummon 

Origin: Digimon Savers/Data Squad

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Mega-level Vaccine-Type Holy Knight Digimon

Powers and Abilities Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Expert Spearman and Shieldbearer, Teleportation, Energy Manipulation, Weapon Summoning, Forcefield Creation, Self Information Manipulation and Reactive Evolution via Overwrite, Can force his opponents to "dance", thus limiting their movements, Acausality, Atomic Destruction, Can turn resistances into weaknesses and weaknesses into resistances with Character Reversal, Statistics Amplification, Air Manipulation, Healing, Can launch missiles, Darkness Manipulation, Power Nullification, Resistance to Power Nullification, Time Manipulation (Time Stop, Slow, Acceleration and Erasure), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, Sleep Manipulation, Time Travel, Transmutation and Power Nullification via Akuma no Nage Kiss, Can prevent transformations, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Digimon attacks are able to interact with each others' Digicores, which constitute a Digimon's mind and soul. Hence, all Digimon are able to manipulate, attack, and destroy the minds and souls of others), Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (The bodies of Digimon shield their Digicores from the attacks of other Digimon, which in turn protect their minds and souls from external interference), and Power Nullification, Existence Erasure, Death Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Transmutation, Sleep Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Paralysis, Light Manipulation, Evolution Negation, Empathic Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Telekinesis.

Attack Potency: At least Multiverse level+ (One of the more skillful members of the Royal Knights and has completed the most orders by Yggdrasil. Should be comparable to Gallantmon) | At least Multiverse level+, likely High Multiverse level+ (Clashed with Takumi Aiba and Yuuko Kamishiro, who would later go onto fight the Mother Eater, a higher dimensional threat who could affect "all worlds")

Speed: Immeasurable (Capable of clashing with Demon Lord Class Enemies, who exist in a realm without time. Can travel throughout space time and is comparable to the other Royal Knights) | Immeasurable (Vastly superior to basic Eaters, who have no concept of time)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Equal to BanchoLeomon) | Immeasurable (Should most likely be comparable to Gallantmon in terms of brute strength) | Immeasurable (Can contend with Takumi Aiba's party, who should be comparable to Yuugo Kamishiro)

Striking Strength: At least Multiversal+ | At least Multiversal+, likely High Multiversal+ (Comparable to the other Royal Knights)

Durability: At least Multiverse level+ (Scaling to the other Knights) | At least Multiverse level+, likely High Multiverse level+ (Should be on Leopardmon's level)

Stamina: Extremely High (Helped keep the Digital World and Human World from colliding with one another while being constantly assaulting by Yggdrasil)

Range: Several meters with his spear on account of his sheer size, omnidirectional forcefields with Avalon, Planetary with projectiles

Standard Equipment: His double-bladed spear, Claiomh Solais and his shield, Avalon

Intelligence: As a member of the Royal Knights, Craniummon is one of the most skilled combatants in the Digital World, regularly going against powerful threats like the Seven Great Demon Lords. He is particularly efficient and competent, having completed more missions than any of the other Royal Knights and is easily Yggdrasil's most loyal follower. However, this also restricts his creative thinking, as he will follow the computer's orders to the end unless he sees something particularly wrong with them.

Weaknesses: Is somewhat overconfident at times and can be overly chivalrous, believing in one-on-one combat and honorable fighting methods, the Omni Shield has a cooldown period between uses

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Claíomh Solais: Attacks with his holy spear.
  • End Waltz: Fires a sonic wave by rotating the Duo Solar Spear at high speeds, causing the opponent to "Dance" until their data is pulverized by the shock wave.
  • Power of Breath (God Bless): Uses the Omni Shield to defend in every direction with an impregnable wall, allowing it to negate virtually any attack for just three seconds.
  • Guard Charge Field: Boost the defense of all allies.
  • Heavens Thunder III: Powerful Thunder magic.
  • Character Reversal: Turns the opponent's resistances into weaknesses and vice versa.
  • Power Null: A thought that nullifies the opponent's special abilities.
  • Atomic Ray: Blast the opponent with Fission energy, destroying the opponent down to the atomic level.
  • Chrono Breaker:: Wears away its foe's bodies by stopping time. This has shown to world on 6-Dimensional Immeasurable beings.
  • Idle Bubble: Launches a bubble that puts the foe to sleep immediately.
  • Akuma no Nage Kiss: Blows a kiss at the opponent, either causing them to panic or hurling asteroids at them. This attack also has a chance to turn the foe into an 8-bit sprite while negating their abilities.
  • Hold Beam: Fires a ray from its gun that prevents the enemy from evolving.
  • Character Reversal: A magic attack that turns resistances into weaknesses and vice versa.
  • Cog Crusher/Darkness Gear: Shoots black cogs from its face that can control opponents they're embedded in.
  • Command Input: Releases a stream of data.
  • Crash Device: Explodes or runs into the enemy to electrocute them.

Key: Craniamon | Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth



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